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A cutting-edge, lightweight frame made entirely from metal for timeless durability, Meccanica has been designed as a set of units that can be assembled and dismantled to promote maximum creativity and ensure sustainability. It is a “kitchen-in-progress” with a modular, multi-functional structure that can be transformed according to the requirements of its owners and even extended into other rooms in the home. Meccanica  employs no glues or toxic substances. 

DESIGN Gabriele Centazzo




  • extremely health-conscious product thanks to total absence of glues and formaldehyde
  • extreme planning freedom: the kitchen extends into the rest of the home (living room, bathroom, etc.)
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  • the kitchen can grow with you thanks to its modular, complementary units
  • the kitchen has an unlimited life span because it is made entirely of metal or steel
  • all the materials must pass strict quality tests before being approved
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  • the base unit system has been designed to be disassembled and reassembled, recycled or reused
  • extremely dematerialised base units
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