Master of Class. Master of Glass.

Yet another innovation to improve interaction between the kitchen and its user: thanks to V-Motion, our new, clever, patented system, ergonomics and well-being have conquered new frontiers, taking every experience in the kitchen to more extraordinary, poetical and emotional heights.
The graceful movement of a hand – belonging to conductor, Beatrice Venezi – simultaneously opens the door, turns the tap around the and the lights of the back panel on, creating a truly unique sensation.
The colour of the luminous backdrop can be chosen in the same, easy way, allowing the splendours of nature to freely interact with everyday life, because each shade is inspired by nature: red-fire, yellow-earth, green-water, sky blue-air.

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 Title: "Master of Class / Master of Glass"
Directed by: Francesco Coia
Duration: 1'33''
Agency: 515 Creative Shop
Screenplay: Francesco Coia, Alessandro Pietrantonio
Soundtrack: "La Primavera" by Ottorino Respighi, from "Trittico botticelliano" (1927)