Artematica Soft Outline Carbontec:

Artematica Soft Outline Carbontec

Formal perfection

Cutting-edge technology and texturized beauty: the new Artematica Soft Outline Carbontec is a sculptural presence with crisp and essential lines. An absolute interpretation of “pure volume” concept – the distinguishing element of Artematica – designed to enhance the delicate metal profile that runs along the edges.

Amongst the luxury kitchens, this composition stands out for its specific feature that allows to hide all the worktop elements: sink and hob are concealed thanks to innovative solutions achieved using the Carbontec finish, upgrade of sintered stone that is compact and even throughout, developed in collaboration with Lapitec.

Lapitec Chef induction hob, available only in Italy and Spain, is completely hidden below the worktop and activated by a technological cooking pad, covered by a patent. When the induction hob is inactive, only the small displays and the touch controls are visible; in this way, the kitchen top remains free, boasts an essential aesthetic and it is easy to clean.

Even the sink is concealed and helps to keep the kitchen tidy and clean. Completely integrated, it is matched with “Su e giù” faucet (by Gessi) which hides under the worktop line when not used.

It is provided with an elegant cover, with the same finish as the worktop, which allows to close the sink and can become chopping board when needed, while providing extra working surface. The sink disappears until it becomes one with the volume of the worktop.

As well as covering the island creating the monolith effect, the choice of Carbontec, here shown in the new Black Velvet shade, gives softness and elegance to volume. A visually striking solution where form and function are perfectly balanced. 


Artematica Soft Outline Carbontec wins the Good Design Award 2022 as awarded by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum for Architecture and Design.

Our Artematica Soft Outline Carbontec was awarded from more than 1.100 design products from over 55 countries, for being the most innovative and cutting-edge kitchen in the world.