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Atematica Inox

The art of pure volumes

Steel is being used more and more often in the kitchen because of its technical characteristics of resistance and hygiene as well as the sense of professionalism that it gives off. Steel does however have one serious fault: it shows handprints even if the hands are clean. We have adopted a new treatment for steel which, through a special varnish, eliminates the bothersome problem of fingerprints.

The steel surfaces of the doors, so easily reachable by kids, turns into a “road map” of stains and fingerprints. The new finish means it is no longer necessary to keep kids from playing in the kitchen. It is available for use in doors, which are the parts most exposed to fingerprints. The other elements of the kitchen, such as the worktop and the back, are in normal steel.

The equipped steel backpanel, in the composition with the cook, is a prototype under engineering phase.