The evolution of sintered stone

Carbontec is a type of stone created through sinterization. This process initially pulverises the stone, turning it into very
fine dust. The particles obtained are subjected to a thermal process at 1,200°C (lower than melting temperature) which
makes them aggregate and stick together until they become a single, compact material.

Valcucine, together with Lapitec® - worldwide leader in the production of large, sintered stone slabs that are compact
and even throughout - has developed the next generation of sintered stone available in two thicknesses: 1.1 cm thick
(for tops) and 0.5 cm thick (for doors). A carbon fibre backing is used to increase the mechanical resistance of the

Carbontec is resistant to heat and non-porous which means that it is stain and scratch resistant and easy to clean.
By means of Biocare technology, a special type of titanium dioxide, a catalyser capable of degrading numerous
organic compounds through oxidation, is added to its composition, turning Lapitec® into a self-cleaning, antibacterial