30 years of Valcucine glass:

30 years of Valcucine glass

The first kitchen in glass: pure, natural, precious and resistant

We created the first glass kitchen in the world 30 years ago.
A very innovative event that focused on man and his well-being.
Today, Valcucine is celebrating the 30th anniversary of innovation and of the extraordinary advantages of using glass in the kitchen.


Glass beyond matter

Pure and precious, our glass is strong and conveys an endless array of sensations.
It resists time, heat and damage; it is available with gloss, matt, “textile” and “vibrant”finishes in the rich array of colours you would expect from an artist's palette. Tempered and tested, our glass is strong and comes with a 10-year guarantee.
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Glass for the environment

In the 1987, Valcucine overcame the conventions and invented the use of glass on kitchen cabinets, creating the first dematerialised door: less material for lighter furniture. This revolutionary idea even lead us to use this eco-sustainable and fully-recyclable material to make our kitchen carcasses.
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Glass: artistic customisation

To add deep vibrations we have made it “tactile”; decorated with desigs inspired by nature, it becomes "graphic"; inlaid by hand, even available customised by a design created by the Customer, it becomes “arte”, turning your kitchen into a unique work of art.
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