Glass vibrates at the touch of a hand and becomes tactile.

“We want design to be capable of involving all the senses, not just sight which has been elevated to the only source of knowledge in recent years.  People and thair well-being are always the focus of our design. That’s why we aim at creating products that contribute to the making life more enjoyable every day” relates designer Gabriele Centazzo.
A contributing factor is the comeback of the ancestral, harmonious sensations normally correlated with coming into direct contact with certain materials. Children teach us that the first most immediate sense is touch.
Well ahead of the times, we at Valcucine invented a special technique that gives glass a new tactile feel that gets rid of the cold sensation usually associated with this material once and for all. By etching certain areas of our glass kitchen the designs vibrate under the fingertips, conveying evocative sensorial sensations.