Innovation for life

Innovation for life

Innovation for life: the new Valcucine DNA, building on over thirty-five years of experience in the kitchen sector, distilling the evolution of style and content.

Valcucine’s key values are expressed in three words: well-being, timelessness andinnovation.

Over the course of its history, the company has earned a reputation for its dedication to improving the ergonomics and usability of rooms and spaces while remaining true to the environment. The development of lighting solutions (in particular, incorporating lighting panels in its splashback-area storage systems, which offer a sense of space and freedom), the design of wall-unit doors and openings, experimentation with, and the use of bold, non-finished materials that lend a touch of ancestral gravity, measures to reduce toxic emissions: all aspects of the unique Valcucine kitchen experience, for a sense of well-being, every day.

Valcucine designs timeless kitchens. The form and material of each component are selected to create a sense of weightlessness; each finish and the tension of each line are carefully considered, while there is always the option of a highly personalised design. These are the hallmarks of the Valcucine approach to creating sustainable kitchens that are built to last and to accompany its customers throughout their life. Not only is a Valcucine kitchen guaranteed to look good, the company’s great attention to detail and thorough tests of material durability allow them to offer guarantees that are unrivalled in the sector and peerlessly efficient customer support service.

Valcucine is synonymous with innovation. It has revolutionised the kitchen system with numerous groundbreaking departures, including many examples of the developments with which it has made its name: it changed the whole concept of kitchen unit doors with Artematica, the first unit-door system with an aluminium frame that can accommodate any material and any finish; the glass version of Artematica, meanwhile, is the first kitchen system where the units and doors are constructed from 100% recyclable materials; the Riciclantica kitchen features the world’s lightest and thinnest unit doors and panels, just 2 mm.

It is not simply a question of aesthetics, however; Valcucine aims higher, to address the human needs of their customers, to find solutions that help them to live in harmony with the world around them – not simply in terms of their domestic surroundings but also the wider environment – with systems that promote a balance between the use and the replenishment of natural resources, tending towards less massive, more recyclable designs.

Even the revamped logo evokes these concepts.
The four-petalled flower represents, at an archetypal level, the four elements of nature (fire, water, earth and air). From these is derived a harmonious, symmetrical form that converges at the centre, where we find mankind. This symbol also recalls Leonardo’s representation of the Vitruvian Man, enclosed in a circle to represent the perfection of man’s creation in harmony with Earth and the universe.

This ‘revised’ logo was created to emphasise the central place of the person and the importance of his or her well-being, two concepts that have always been a fundamental part of the Valcucine brand.