Equipped Wall

Equipped Wall

Double panelling fitted on both sides that can also contain plumbing and electric connections

The "Valcucine home system" includes a panelling system that divides the kitchen from the living room and that can be fitted on one side with base units, shelves and drawers, and on the other side with kitchen elements. Water pipes and electric cables are concealed inside the panelling.
The 2.6cm thick Valcucine wall panelling can only be fitted with small shelves while the 6cm thick panelling can also support wall, base and tower units. If these elements are more than 36cm deep, it is a good idea to add feet for extra support.
An arrangement with a back section welded on a steel top must be used preferably on perfectly even walls to avoid making their unevenness more obvious. Alternatively, a back panel can be fitted to conceal any imperfections in the wall.

Double panelling with a sliding glass panel to separate the kitchen from the living room

Valcucine has designed a panelling system that can be used in the kitchen or in the living room or that can divide the two areas. In this case it can be fitted with a glass panel that runs on a track and that, when necessary, can completely divide the two areas. The panelling guarantees utmost flexibility of arrangement: it is modular in height (it can be floor-standing or raised) and in width to cover any space. It can be fitted with accessories that are suitable for the kitchen or for the living room.
This panelling leaves you free to furnish with co-ordinated materials and finishes and to put functional and aesthetic elements together for rational space-planning.

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