“Connecting the dots” in Rome: architecture and customisation of the kitchen project

On Thursday 5 October, our Roman partner Valcucine Roma Eur | Anzalone hosted an event based on the customisation of architectural design and the .

Speakers of the day included Gianluigi Giammetta, co-founder with Marco Giammetta of the Roman studio Giammetta & Giammetta, and Roberto Fioretti, architect at the Alvisi Kirimoto studio, founded by Massimo Alvisi and Junko Kirimoto.

The event was moderated by Giorgio Tartaro, a journalist with a long-standing passion for architecture and design.

Architects Marco and Gianluigi Giammetta

For Gianmmetta & Giammetta studio, the design philosophy is based on the analysis of the relationship between architecture and communication, and aims to create sensorial spaces that can be experienced and touched.


For Alvisi Kirimoto, on the other hand, the hallmark that inspires the design is the dialogue with nature, urban regeneration and attention to social issues.

Arch. Junko Kirimoto
Arch. Massimo Alvisi

The topic of the day focused on one of the certainly most complex issues in the context of a residence: the customisation of the architectural and kitchen project.

There are many figures involved in the conception, realisation and translation into our home environment: the designer who stages a model, the company that produces it according to precise and identifiable canons, the architect who translates what the customer sees in the showroom into reality. These steps must be as coherent and less dispersive as possible. Other protagonists in this process are the retailer, often in a symbiotic relationship with the company, and the workers involved in installation.

Precisely because the kitchen project is born from a complicated creative process that involves all these different players, we at Valcucine have tried to simplify and solve the problem of closed kitchen models and to give architects and interior designers the possibility of working transversally, with great freedom, and to satisfy with intelligence, creativity, and respect, the different needs of customers.

| The inspiring interior and kitchen design collection

Born from this ethos, our new catalogue “Domus Anthology“: a selection of testimonials of this design philosophy applied to extraordinary projects, which we had the opportunity to present during the day.

“Domus Anthology” is a collection of realisations in which architects and interior designers have been able to best interpret the values, our characteristics, design flexibility and at the same time the needs of the customer while respecting the ‘spirit of the place', i.e. the set of socio-cultural, architectural, language and habitual peculiarities that characterise a house, an environment, a city.

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To best express creativity in the kitchen, there is clearly no lack of appliances with excellent performance, impeccable design and cutting-edge technology, which allow the flavours of the raw materials to be preserved and enhanced to the full.

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Photo credits: Massimiliano Blasini