The Repulse Bay’s De Ricou

Hong Kong

The De Ricou residential building, designed by plusClover, feature an interior that is fluid and sculptural. Lighting has been integrated into the folds of the interior so that the light sources are imperceptible and the shapes and contours of the architecture are accentuated.
The design’s signature is a texture of crisp plaster and warm oak wood that permeates from the ground floor into each apartment, producing newly connected experiences between common areas and units, and across floors and walls. While addressing the many constraints of the different types of spaces, the design delicately brings together areas that were previously unassociated.
Lift lobbies resonate with units, and units resonate with the lobby. The combination of wood and plaster is carried throughout the tower, releasing vertical spatial impressions; some intense, others subdued. This three-dimensional and sectional approach offers a holistic re-conception of the building. By re-working the tower’s infrastructure, modifying the existing superstructure and altering the enclosure, the design dilates the space and perception of the building. At each scale the design blends the existing and the new, architecture and landscape, and the vertical and the horizontal, to culminate in a rich and varied ensemble of experiences.
Architect: plusClover