Logica Celata:

Logica Celata

Un nouveau design pour personnaliser votre expérience gustative

Naissance de Logica Celata, la dernière évolution de la série Logica, fruit d'une recherche ingénieuse visant à repenser l'espace et à réinventer l'ergonomie. Bar, Cuisine et Préparation sont les modèles disponibles, chacun proposé avec des solutions et des accessoires conçus pour des besoins spécifiques. Des configurations où tout est prêt à être utilisé de la manière la plus efficace possible et à être complètement caché une fois la phase de travail terminée.

Design by Gabriele Centazzo



The bar stands out from the other Logica Celata configurations because it is an all-Italian tradition typical of the Italian way of life, touching conviviality and intimacy and the public and private spheres. The door opens to reveal Valcucine’s new home bar: practical, well-organised and complemented by all the equipment required for impeccable wine tasting, to mix up a perfect cocktail or prepare an excellent espresso, served to please any connoisseur.



The typical configuration is dedicated to the kitchen, available in two sizes and designed by paying special attention to ergonomics as well as to space optimisation.
The door moves upwards, giving full access to the work area including a hob, extractor and a wash area. The best accessories developed by Valcucine in recent years, such as the power strip and the accessorised shelf complemented by a chopping-board rack, knife-rack and bottle-rack turn cooking into an effortless ritual.



Thanks to Vitrum Arte, designs can be transferred to glass, making each arrangement really unique.
The extraordinary inlay technique is an extremely innovative process that, however, still requires the patient and essential work of man. Exclusive projects are thus created, perfectly poised between art and design.

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