Valcucine Milano Brera

The kitchen showroom in the heart of Milan

Partner of the Milanese kitchen showrrom is Spotti, a Milanese brand that has become known and appreciated for its style and interior design projects, in Italy and the whole world.
They’re a team of expert professionals. Competent and passionate about their job.

"We search for beauty everywhere. Driven by curiosity, we journey through art, crafts and everything that surrounds us to bring you the very best design."

Inside the showrrom the kitchen and the furniture discard surplus frills. Aesthetics and creativity intertwine. Research and technology are at the user’s service in the pursuit of a functionality that never forsakes elegance. In a modern building with glass façades, a gallery of windows in a rigorous architectural style give a glimpse of, and anticipate the entrance to, the Valcucine world in Milan.

An environment that is unique in its kind leads to the soul and to the fulfilment of the entire Valcucine philosophy: a space that has not only been chosen as a showroom but that is also a place dedicated to culture and to many art forms and where the common denominator that connects all the elements are the founding values of the Valcucine dna. 

​Valcucine has been standing out in the kitchen sector for over forty years, focusing on sustainbality, wellbeing, innovation and timeless kitchens, that are made to last.

Valcucine presents two new possibilities of expression designed by Gabriele Centazzo: Artematica Soft Outline, a refined balancebetween strict and soft lines and Riciclantica Outline, where the protective edge becomesthe distinctive element of the composition. The neat and essential design comes from an advanced and accurate manufacturing technique.
Julie Storen
Back Office Designer  

Sergio Spotti  
Store Manager
Silvia Forneris
Sales Designer   
Eleonora Viganò
​Sales Designer 

Maurizio Frattini
​​Sales Designer  

Valcucine Milano Brera | Spotti
The kitchen showroom in the heart of Milan Garibaldi 99
Milano Brera

Opening Hours:
Monday- Saturday
10AM - 1PM
2PM - 7PM

+39 02 6597588

Are you looking for a design kitchen in Milan?

​At Valcucine Milano Brera | Spotti a trained team of professionals, architects and interior designers, is waiting to give you the ideal inspiration and dress your home, or to advise and support you in designing your kitchen space and your modern kitchen in Milan.