Italian Creation Group and Valcucine: The evolution of a made-in-Italy excellence

A history of excellence that constantly renews itself to go towards a brilliant future made of international challenges and great opportunities. , a company that operates in the Home and Personal Lifestyle sectors, through the acquisition of Italian Brands of the highest quality range, has recently reached an agreement for the acquisition of majority of Valcucine, a historical Italian company founded in 1980 in Pordenone by partners Giovanni Dino, , Franco Corbetta, and Silvio Verardo.

The founders of , will take charge of Valcucine bringing with them the experience and the managerial know how gained throughout the years while working for important multinational companies in Europe, Americas and Asia. Their objective is to strengthen the presence of the brand both in Italy and abroad through strategic economic and managerial investments.

The founder members of Valcucine, Gabriele Centazzo, Giovanni Dino Cappellotto, Franco Corbetta, and Silvio Verardo, will remain minority partners and continue to contribute to the new evolution of the Valcucine brand in the World, thanks to their valuable experience in the business. Gabriele Centazzo in particular, will support the new majority shareholder in the communication and brand positioning of Valcucine, supervising research-related innovative solutions and their eco sustainability impact. In addition, he will help direct the evolution of the product portfolio, aimed at combining technical and engineering research with stylistic renewal.

The partners' common goal is to enhance the value of local human and industrial resources, both increasingly rare components difficult to recover in the creation and development of excellent Italian brands.

For years Valcucine has worked in the field of kitchen and system , always putting esthetics, creativity, and the satisfaction of clients first, dictated by the solid will to guarantee functionality, ergonomics, safety, and respect for nature. Overall, it promotes a system balanced between functional use and restoration of natural resources, along with the conservation of raw materials by favoring the design of kitchens based on dematerialization, recyclability, reductions in the emission of toxic substances, and long duration of the product.

In this manner, the path of technological becomes an opportunity, a stimulus for research targeted at giving concrete answers to clients and, specific solutions to solve the needs of the environment. The result of such research is the design and manufacturing of products that set the industry apart in the market, and which provide a profit that becomes the final consequence of an ethical, cultural and technological process, not the first objective of a mere economic speculation.

Valcucine is the second acquisition of majority for the ItalianCreationGroup after Driade, a well-known design brand, and is part of the wider project to acquire brands highly representative of the excellence and creativity of . The intent is to create a synergy among the different industries of the ICG to enhance the value of each, while safeguarding the individual brands, the identity of the single products, and their positioning in the highest levels of the product range.

For small to medium companies, intrinsic elements of the economic texture of the country, the international market represents a challenge to be faced relaying on quality, tradition, charm and artistic ability, all excellent attributes of the Italian logo in the world.

The transition towards the international market requires profound changes at the innovative level, posing a complex set of challenges for many of these companies. Despite the fact that demand for italian products is growing in some specific markets, many brands of excellence don't have the adequate structures to grab this opportunity.

The ItalianCreationGroup presents itself as the suitable partner to face the new international opportunities that the brand will encounter.
Through strategic investments, including managerial ones abroad, the ItalianCreationGroup wants to take advantage of the great potentials of international markets and concretely internationalize the small to medium companies, which have always represented the excellence of the Italian lifestyle. Following this strategy, at the beginning of 2014 the ICG founded the American branch ICGroup USA Inc, based in New York City; this subsidiary is in charge of North and South America, of the positioning, commercialization and distribution of the group's acquired companies.