The Glass

The Glass welcomes you to the 30th anniversary of the introduction of glass in the kitchen. lt will attempt to deaI with topics as if they were seen through glass, as a metaphor of transparency and reftection, or through the glass of your own electronic device.

Our company is very proud to celebrate the three-de­ cade anniversary of the use of glass in the kitchen. Glass has grown up and has entered the most pre­ stigious homes on our planet. Many have understo­ od its strength and essence; not only has it become the most appreciated materiai, in the long runit has also become the most deeply-rooted. Once you have tried glass, you will never change. lnnovation has anticipated aesthetics and it isbe­ coming a myth anda ritual; the same thing happe­ ned to wood, marble and other precious materials in the past. Today, nobody can image a kitchen in­ dustry that doesn’t use glass: that’s why we want to remember how it all started, why we decided to dedicate a retrospective to glass, to talk about its story during the Fuorisalone event and to imagine it’s future in the decades to come. “The Glass” will also serve this purpose.

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