Natural resources used carefully and responsibly

Confirming the company’s commitment to protect forests, Valcucine has expanded its range of FCS certified kitchens and cabinets. The company has always fully respected the environment, using natural resources carefully and responsibly.

The extension of FSC certification, such as LEED mapping, ISO 14001 certification and participation in the Bioforest association, are part of a series of concrete actions in compliance with the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the ESG policies that respond to the validity of a company, an enterprise or an association as regards its commitment in the environmental (Criterion E Environmental), Criterion S (social) and Criterion G (governance).
In line with the ESG Criterion E (Environmental), from October 2022 Valcucine has been monitoring the% of FSC products on a daily basis with the aim of increasing the quantity of certified wood elements, increasing the value of a product and enhancing it in an increasingly conscious way. 

Currently, the percentage of purchased items, components and semi-finished products, FSC certified on the certifiable total, stands at 59.1% divided into:
FSC 100%: 8,6%
FSC MIX 95%: 7,2%
FSC MIX 99%: 6,9% 

What is FSC?

FSC is an international, non-governmental, independent, non-profit organisation set up in 1993 to promote responsible forest and plantation management.
Its members – totalling almost 900 - include ONGs, environmentalist (WWF, Greenpeace) and social (National Aboriginal Forestry Association of Canada) associations, forest owners, industries that do business with - and process -timber and paper (Tetra Pak, Mondi), Mass Distribution groups as well as researchers and engineers.

FSC obliges forest managers – either of public or private areas – to involve members of local communities in their decisions and protect the rights of indigenous populations, making sure that their needs become an integral part of the certification process and that the impact of forest management operations is overcome.  FCS also requires that the results of certification audits are made publicly available, even when they regard private properties:  this aspect distinguishes it from other types of certification.

FSC’s standards of forest management include protecting the quality of the water, prohibiting felling of ancient forests, preventing the depletion of natural forests and prohibiting the use of highly-toxic chemical products – all aspects that regard forest management systems.  For example, FSC prohibits the use of atrazine – which is legal in the United States but not in Europe – because it has been shown to cause water pollution and birth defects.  On the contrary, other certification schemes allow this chemical product to be used, even in aerial sprays.

Moreover, FSC has adapted its system to the requirements of the EUTR European regulation.  In particular, minor amendments have been made to the standards for Controlled Wood, for Forest Management and for the Chain of Custody. Since FSC certified companies do not necessarily work solely with certified materials, they will have to adopt a system that guarantees that other supplies of raw materials come from legal sources.

What is FSC certification?

FSC certification guarantees that products come from responsibly managed forests, ensuring environmental, social and economical benefits.
During its 20 years of activity, FSC has earned itself the reputation of being a trustworthy and exacting forest certification system. That’s why purchasing FSC certified products reap countless benefits, for businesses and for consumers alike.
FSC is the most trusted certification in the world.

What is the FSC label?

The FSC® label identifies products containing wood sourced from forests managed in a sustainable and responsible way following strict environmental, social and economical standards. The forest of origin is controlled and assessed independently in compliance with these standards (good forest stewardship principles and practices) that are established and approved by the Forest Stewardship Council® A.C. through the participation and consensus of the parties involved.


Valcucine has been certifying solid wood (maple and walnut) parts and accessories in compliance with FSC standards (n. ICILA-COC-000214) since 2008.

The company has extended FSC Chain of Custody certification to the main parts of its kitchen cabinets, components and panels since 2022:
2mm thick Silk-effect laminate panels
20.5mm thick Angel Skin panels
16mm thick melamine panels used as a backing for glass doors panels
19mm – 16mm thick melamine-faced chipboard panels
Solid beech dowels to fasten carcasses
H23 melamine paper edgings for carcass panels
Eucalyptus fibreboard back panels

Valcucine can therefore offer the following FSC certified kitchens and cabinets:

ARTEMATICA/ARTEMATICA 2021 Vitrum with a chipboard kitchen cabinets or Invitrum carcass 
RICICLANTICA 2022 Silk-effect laminate finish with chipboard kitchen cabinets 
FORMA MENTIS Angel Skin with chipboard kitchen cabinets 
LOGICA CELATA with chipboard kitchen cabinets 
Choosing a FSC certified kitchen which guarantees that the finished product is made using only materials sourced from forests correctly managed from an environmental and social viewpoint means contributing directly to the growth of an ethical, responsible and virtuous system.



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