Valcucine in Montenapoleone Street

A special version of Artematica 30th Anniversary, the kitchen made exclusively of glass, the utmost expression of Valcucine’s eco-sustainable vision, lands in the Milan fashion district from 15th to 21st May, during the Montenapoleone Yacht Club 2017 .

During a week in which one of Italy’s most strategic sectors – the boat-building industry – is on show with other major players of the world of luxury living, we accepted enthusiastically and with the innovative spirit typical of Valcucine the invitation of the Associazione Montenapoleone and of its President Guglielmo Miani to be the only kitchen manufacturer to showcase a kitchen in one of the most significant fashion streets in the world. Kitchens are another aspect of the Italian luxury lifestyle that ranges from the most beautiful homes in the world to the finest yachts. Thanks to its bespoke and green projects, Valcucine is happy to serve this marvellous club on dry land and at sea, natural elements we endeavour to protect.

Not only has Valcucine’s pioneering spirit conquered its own sector, entering the most beautiful locations in the world, it has even accessed the boat-building world thanks to stylistic and construction ideas based on an ethical principle that can be summed up by the emblematic “glass is more” concept, and guided by specific customer requirements. “

Dematerialisation”, achieved by exploiting the lightness of aluminium and the resistance of glass, turns into the kind of excellence that can sail the seven seas.

Here’s some photos from the Opening Gala Dinner, the events and the outstanding, timeless Valcucine concept model that can be admired for a week in via Montenapoleone, in Milano together with the major players of luxury of yachts, fine jewellery and fashion that meet in the fashion district.

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