A gallery of Valcucine “Special Elements” at the MOA Casa 2017 event

Partnered by a long-standing retailer –Vallatinnocenti – Valcucine participated in MoaCasa, an event dedicated to the home, furniture and design staged at the Rome fairgrounds.

Valcucine’s distinctive Special Elements, designed to maximise simplicity in the kitchen and to offer users new experiences, were the focus of the layout.

On this occasion it was possible to actually experience the astounding functions of certain Special Elements such as Air Logica System with V-motion, paired with Artematica, one of the Valcucine’s signature collections. Hands-free, a simple gesture makes the large doors open, synchronous with the tap moving into position and the lights turning on, all courtesy of a concealed sensor that detects any movement of the hand. A bewitching way of opening a cabinet, beautified by the “butterfly wings” motif that gives the kitchen a really ethereal feel.

The Artematica kitchen with peninsula, paired with New Logica System, the accessorised back panel that reveals and conceals the kitchen’s equipment, leaving everything tidy yet still within reach, is also extremely innovative.

With its Special Elements, Valcucine redesigns space and the way it is used, pursuing the greatest freedom of movement in the kitchen. Ergonomics and wellness conquer new frontiers and contribute to making everyday life extraordinary.

Here’s below the Valcucine @ MoaCasa Photogallery

Moacasa_2017_002 Moacasa_2017_003 Moacasa_2017_004 Moacasa_2017_006 Moacasa_2017_007 Moacasa_2017_009 Moacasa_2017_013 Moacasa_2017_014 Moacasa_2017_015 Moacasa_2017_016 Moacasa_2017_019 Moacasa_2017_020 Moacasa_2017_021 Moacasa_2017_022 Moacasa_2017_023 Moacasa_2017_024 Moacasa_2017_025 Moacasa_2017_026 Moacasa_2017_029 Moacasa_2017_030 Moacasa_2017_031 Moacasa_2017_032 Moacasa_2017_033 Moacasa_2017_034 Moacasa_2017_036 Moacasa_2017_037 Moacasa_2017_039 Moacasa_2017_040 Moacasa_2017_041 Moacasa_2017_042 Moacasa_2017_043 Moacasa_2017_044 Moacasa_2017_045 lo

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