Craftmanship and technology on show in Hong Kong

Tradition, innovation and a passion for beauty.

The event held in Valcucine’s showroom in Hong Kong during the Business of Design Week paid a tribute to Italian know-how by offering the many guests a unique opportunity to get a close-up view of the fascinating mosaic art.
A Master mosaic worker from the “Scuola dei Mosaicisti del Friuli” stole the scene. This Mosaicist School is a globally-renowned training centre founded in 1922 that became immediately famous for its impressive works of art distributed all over the world, from the Foro Italico in Rome to the Library of Congress in Washington, from the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem to Ground Zero in New York, .

The Master mosaicist created inlays, shapes and vibrations live and with great patience and care to the smallest detail, demonstrating the wisdom of one of the ancient handicraft techniques that distinguish the Genius Loci kitchen, enhancing its beauty and uniqueness.

Inspired by antique desks, Genius Loci conceals a “secret” space in a drawer that can be customised in many finishes for an authentically unique, special kitchen.


Technology and craftsmanship go hand-in-hand: all the surprising functions of our new V-Motion technology, that carries ergonomics to the loftiest of heights, were there to be discovered during this event.

A single gesture of the hand and the doors of the kitchen’s accessorised back panel open and close, synchronous with the tap turning around and the lights switching on thanks to a special concealed sensor that detects the hand’s movements.

The smart, patented, V-Motion system simplifies daily gestures and turns using our kitchen into an extraordinary experience.

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