Vetrospettiva | The extraordinary charm of glass

Conversation between Gabriele Centazzo and Cino Zucchi @ Valcucine Milano Brera

Valcucine was one of the most important participants in the Brera Design Days in Milan: seven days during which exhibitions, meetings and previews were dedicated to every form of design.

Once again, the Valcucine Milano Brera showroom was confirmed as a place where professionals and lovers of design could meet to explore the great expressive potential of glass, one of the favourite materials of designers.

How is glass used at the moment what are its applications? How will its utilization in architecture and design develop in the near future? How far will the development of technologies applied to glass go?

These are some of the topics discussed during the “Vetrospettiva. Glass is more” talk  between Gabriele Centazzo, co-founder and designer of Valcucine, and Cino Zucchi, architect and professor of the Politecnico di Milano, chaired by Patrizia Scarzella, journalist of LifeGate, a touchstone for sustainable development.

It all started with Valcucine’s 30th anniversary this year, celebrating glass in the kitchen with its Master of Class, Master of Glass advertising campaign starring Maestro Beatrice Venezi, the famous Italian conductor chosen to be Valcucine’s new ambassadress.  An important achievement to celebrate the extraordinary qualities of one of the most fascinating and sustainable materials ever invented by man.

30 years of Valcucine glass in the kitchen >>

Ever seeking innovative solutions, in 1987 Valcucine introduced the use of glass based on an idea that was revolutionary in terms of functionality and aesthetics: that a pure “vitreous mass” could be supported by a concealed, aluminium frame, and nothing else. That’s how the first dematerialised door came to be.

“I have always thought of glass as a magical material that has been shrouded in mystery since it was first discovered three-thousand years ago. Eco-sustainable and resistant, it reflects the philosophy behind my approach to design, aimed at creating wellbeing in the kitchen.” Gabrielle Centazzo, co-founder of Valcucine.

“One of the most ancient materials, it lends itself to very contemporary formal variations, becoming an essential part of the environment of our private or public lives.” Cino Zucchi, architect.

Discover the Valcucine glass kitchen >>

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