The engineered by Italian excellence reveals its secrets at imm Cologne – LivingKitchen2017

Valcucine has chosen the prestigious IMM-Cologne – Livingkitchen show (16-22 January 2017) to talk about itself to an international public at the outset 2017, a year in which ItalianCreationGroup will be a global player in terms of new showroom openings and new ideas for the kitchen.

Valcucine's philosophy interprets three values that are skilfully interconnected in each of its creations: weelbeing, and timeless durability. Each kitchen has been conceived to be the focal point around which the user's life and lifestyle revolve.

Genius Loci will be the protagonist in Cologne. Inspired by the desks of old, Genius Loci island or wall arrangements conceal a secret, intimate, useful space in a drawer. An idea that goes behind the functional – the brilliant result of having dematerialised the top – the drawer becomes a strong mark that crossed textured surfaces like a streak of paint on canvas. A fundamental detail that perfectly suits the pure forms and materials of the kitchen, producing sophistication and extreme refinement.

The innovative V-Motion Kit, a patented automation system that expands horizons in the kitchen, was born from the context. New, clever, motorized opening and closing system that are activated by just moving a hand, make using our kitchens a unique experience. Unlike manual controls, Gesture opens Air Logica System, the revolutionary ergonomic panel that give you more space and freedom of movement while keeping your kitchen perfectly neat and tidy, without having to touch a thing.

Tradition and innovation coexist in a perfect harmony in Genious Loci kitchens thanks to costumised embellishments that revamp the best age-old Italian artisanal tecniques. The ultimate customisation experience is avaible for the drawer fronts where the user's taste and the identity can be creatively expressed in different ways using various techniques.

In 2017, Valcucine is also proud to celebrate one of the most fascinating materials: . Valcucine's intuition, and its primacy in 1987, was to have introduced the use of glass in the kitchen pursuant to in-depth studies into materials –  durable laquered glass – and to have simoltaneously invented the Artematica door. The magical lightness of a pure “vitreous mass” supported by a concealed aluminium frame – and nothing else – made it possible to use “pure”, non-bonded materials that were revolutionary for their time in terms of functionally and aesthetics.

That's why Artematica is the queen of glass and it was co-star at imm Cologne. A  perfect synthesis of aesthetics, formal simplicity, top quality and technology, Artematica possesses unique features resulting from extremaly innovative techniques, as well as the unparalleled non-toxicity and recyclability offered by a kitchen made exclusively of glass and aluminium.