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Amongst the product news at , we present new aesthetic and functional solutions applied to our leading collections: and Riciclantica designed by .

From the continuous research towards innovation, sustainability and design aimed at putting man and his wellbeing at the centre, this year Valcucine launches Artematica Soft Outline and a renewed Riciclantica Outline with their Special Elements. 


Continuous lines integration of volumes sinuosity 

The result of creative research aimed at achieving a pure volume, Artematica Soft Outline kitchen looks like a single block in which the top, doors and side panels are integrated in a harmonious, continuous whole embellished with a metal profile. 

The “pure volume” effect of Artematica Soft Outline can be created with some finishes such as Vitrum – Valcucine in glossy and matt versions – ceramic, marble and the revolutionary Carbontec sintered stone. 

The delicate, curvy line that runs along the kitchens edges defines its volume. As well as highlighting the seamlessness of its surfaces, this line compliments the image of the kitchen with refined elegance

Its clean, minimalist design is the result of advanced creativity and precise and careful processing techniques. Made using cutting-edge technologies, the slim anodized aluminium profiles – available in black, copper and bronze – become stylistic details that add refinement to the arrangement.

Our search for new means of expression that enhance the perception of a pure volume produces a poetically elegant space in which rigour and softness meet in fine balance. 

To complete this layout is the new Insula bamboo counter with a tapered profile and rounded corners in line with the sinuosity of the Soft Outline profile. The 30° chamfer on the perimeter of the table allows to perceive the edge that is just 6 mm thick. The peculiar fixing system through special brackets allows to create a gap between the breakfast bar itself and the base unit's volume, giving an additional feeling of lightness.

In addition to the new counter, the of the island is also enhanced by the new glass splash guard designed to separate space without enclosing it and to protect people on the other side of the island during food preparation/cooking activities. Hung accessories can be hooked on the glass profile (shelves and sliding containers, tablet stand, etc.). The idea is to create an optimised, extremely efficient element that is ready to use. 

The lightness that distinguishes Valcucine design is once again translated into suspended forms and thin thicknesses


Formal perfection

Cutting-edge technology and texturized beauty: the new Artematica Soft Outline Carbontec is a sculptural presence with crisp and essential lines. An absolute interpretation of “pure volume” concept – the distinguishing element of Artematica – designed to enhance the delicate metal profile that runs along the edges.

Amongst the , this composition stands out for its specific feature that allows to hide all the worktop elements: sink and hob are concealed thanks to innovative solutions achieved using the Carbontec finish, upgrade of sintered stone that is compact and even throughout, developed in collaboration with Lapitec.

Lapitec Chef induction hob* is completely hidden below the worktop and activated by a technological cooking pad, covered by a patent. When the induction hob is inactive, only the small displays and the touch controls are visible; in this way, the kitchen top remains free, boasts an essential aesthetic and it is easy to clean.

Even the sink is concealed and helps to keep the kitchen tidy and clean. Completely integrated, it is matched with “Su e giù” faucet (by Gessi) which hides under the worktop line when not used.

It is provided with an elegant cover, with the same finish as the worktop, which allows to close the sink and can become chopping board when needed, while providing extra working surface. The sink disappears until it becomes one with the volume of the worktop.

As well as covering the island creating the monolith effect, the choice of Carbontec, here shown in the new Black Velvet shade, gives softness and elegance to volume. A visually striking solution where form and function are perfectly balanced. 

*available only in Italy and Spain.


The ultimate synthesis of dematerialisation 

Riciclantica is the kitchen that symbolises Valcucine's technical evolution oriented towards the search for sustainability. 

Designed for minimal environmental impact, this kitchen is inspired by man's natural ancestral need for freedom and by the environmental need to use less material. 

The world's first door with an aluminium frame and 2mm aesthetic panel was born in the 1990s under the name Ricicla. 

In the 2000s, the initial frame with steel screws, aesthetically characterised by an upper protective edge, became single-material with new aluminium screws. Thus Riciclantica was born. 

In 2022, the radiated metal cover beading of the Riciclantica door disappears to highlight the extreme search for dematerialisation and the technicality of the 2 mm thick aesthetic panel. The new door is also fitted with a new rubber gasket for a soft, ergonomic grip. We can consider it one of the significant product news at Milan Design Week 2022!


The beauty of a protected edge 

Technical details and aesthetic language meet in a harmonious combination of formal balance and accurate detailing.

Valcucine's continuous research and evolution rise to a straight, terse profile that runs along the edges of the sustainable kitchen and becomes the distinguishing element of the new Riciclantica Outline arrangement.

Formal perfection combines with practicality of use: the protected edge strengthens materials while increasing their resistance. 

The grip recesses – Riciclantica's hallmark – cut across base unit surfaces, setting off the result of our pursuit of utmost dematerialisation, letting you perceive the extreme slimness – only 2 mm – of the lightest door in the world. 

This model's pure lines can be enhanced by matching the door, top and side panel finishes. A stylistic choice that makes it possible to create a unit finished in a single material, for perfectly clean visual results. 

In harmony with the Riciclantica design philosophy, Valcucine proposes the new shelving system that defines and articulates spaces without closing them: even if it is used to separate the environment, it maintains an open-space layout.

The system has been studied to obtain maximum design flexibility: in addition to free installation, the shelving system can be used back-to-wall, with light-up backpanel, suspended from the ceiling with the possibility of integrating the hood or simply as an open wall unit. 


Amongst our product news at Milan Design Week 2022 there is the new integrated lighting system that enriches the Aerius wall unit, the “light as air” wall unit thanks to its light and silent tilting opening with an ultra-thin door.

The new backlit panel, made of polymethylmethacrylate, diffuses the light perfectly evenly. The result is pleasant lighting that does not dazzle. 

The luminescent particles amplify the space and create a ‘cloud effect', making the view unobstructed, like light coming in through a window. This expresses one of the basic concepts of the company's philosophy: freedom

The light is dimmable white (warm-cold), which can be activated via a remote control or ‘touch'. 

In addition to the new lighting, the Aerius wall unit continues to feature an integrated LED bar for proper illumination of the worktop.