Riciclantica Outline selected for ADI Index 2023

We are pleased to announce that the Permanent Observatory of ADI Design (Associazione per il Disegno Industriale) has selected Riciclantica Outline, designed by , for publication in the ADI Design Index 2023.

The ADI Design Index is a prestigious annual selection of Italian design products and services, curated by the Association for Industrial Design (ADI) in Italy. This initiative aims to showcase the best of Italian design, both in terms of products and services, providing recognition to the industry's excellence.

The selection for the ADI Design Index 2023 was presented on November 6th at the ADI Design Museum in Milan. The selection includes a total of 219 products and services that embody the excellence and creativity of contemporary Italian design. This exhibition is not limited to products; it also includes projects from design students from Italian universities, offering a glimpse into the future of the profession in Italy.

The ADI Design Index is the result of a thorough selection process conducted by the Permanent Observatory of ADI Design to identify the most deserving projects. The selection reflects a comprehensive view of Italian design, both in theoretical and practical terms, highlighting the Italian design industry's ability to develop innovative and high-quality proposals.

The best design projects selected in the ADI Design Index 2023 and ADI Design Index 2024 will compete for the prestigious Compasso d'Oro 2024 award.

The design philosophy of Riciclantica Outline combines the compositional lightness of Riciclantica with its special functional blocks, which can be combined thanks to suspended elements available in various types. These versatile solutions can be configured according to needs, playing with functions, forms, and materials.

Defining the different modules is the metallic profile running along the edges of the surfaces, the stylistic hallmark of Riciclantica Outline. Offered in a black anodized aluminum finish, it enhances the design concept, outlining geometries in space. Riciclantica excels in dematerialization, highlighting the pursuit of maximum thinness, making the world's thinnest door with only 2 mm thickness.

The inspirational keyword for the ADI Design Index 2023 edition is “Quality.”

Luciano Galimberti, the President of ADI, emphasized the importance of quality as a unifying element throughout Italian design. This concept of quality encompasses the quality of design proposals, production quality, manufacturing quality, and process quality.

Quality is seen not only as a final goal but also as recognition of a working method that promotes and responsible development, distinguishing “Made in Italy” on the world stage. Quality becomes a distinctive factor that permeates the entire Italian design industry, contributing to the creation of products and services that combine and well-being.

The presentation of the ADI Design Index 2023 in Milan featured the participation of key figures in the design world and institutions, including the President of ADI Luciano Galimberti, the President of the ADI Compasso d'Oro Collection Foundation, Umberto Cabini, and representatives of local institutions, such as the Councillor for Tourism, Territorial Marketing, and Fashion of the Lombardy Region, and the Director of Urban Economy, Fashion, and Design for the City of Milan. The event provided a unique opportunity to celebrate and promote contemporary Italian design and its dedication to quality and .

ADI Design Index 2023

Furthermore, the selection for the ADI Design Index 2023 completes the list of candidates for the 28th edition of the prestigious biennial Compasso d'Oro award, which will take place in 2024 on the 70th anniversary of the award's foundation in 1954. The exhibition featuring the selected products will also move to Rome at the end of November, in a new location: the WeGil Space, a cultural hub managed by LAZIOcrea.2 in the Lazio Region.


Milan | ADI Design Museum |  7 – 19 November 2023
Rome | Spazio WeGil | 28 November – 3 December 2023