The Conductor Beatrice Venezi is Valcucine Ambassador

Italian conductor Beatrice Venezi was named the new brand ambassador. Maestro Venezi stars in a new advertising campaign for Valcucine entitled “Master of Class, Master of Glass”, which celebrates 30 years of glass in the kitchen as well as Valcucine’s commitment to technology, master craftsmanship and eco-sustainability.

In 1987, Valcucine first introduced the use of glass in kitchens, recognising its functionality and aesthetics.

“I’m proud to be associated with one of the finest kitchenmakers in the world, a company synonymous with innovation, which has revolutionised kitchen space,” Maestro Venezi said.

Beatrice and Valcucine’s first glass kitchen are nearly the same age and have gone through similar paths: the study, research, experimentation, challenges and innovation. This explains the campaign of ‘Master of Class, Master of Glass.

Maestro Venezi conducted the Mitja String Quartet at the exlusive Valcucine event of 5th April , to celebrate the 30 years of Valcucine glass.  Look at the gallery>>

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