Valcucine inaugurate a new kitchen showroom in New Delhi

Valcucine continues its growth in India and it is proud to officialize together with the partner CJ Living the new opening of a unique in New Delhi. The location of the store is one of the finest kitchen showroom that sets a spot light on the products with help of a minimalist container, both outside and inside.

The Store is located on MG Road which is a primary artery and has become retail prime interior destination of India, the shop is strategically located in an active commercial zone of the city, easy for people to access and walk-in. 

Chiranjiv Singh, Partner CJ Living, Mini Singh, Design Head CJ Living and Davide Zanardo, Export Manager Valcucine Middle East, APAC

“The façade features white painted wall that adorns Charcoal grey arches in Gun metal finish. Arches are the most important Archetypal used in a minimalist context. This is done to represent an international brand and but to make it contextually relevant.  Arches are the feature that is common in all 3 prominent architectural Eras of Delhi – Colonial, Mughal and Traditional feature” suggests Rudraksh Charan, Principal Partner of 42mm Architecture

The project stretches over 3000sqft, the store opens to a reception area, with a minimalist furniture and monolithic reception table that seems to be an extrusion from the floor. It welcomes people and sets the tone of the space at the entryway.

Artematica Vitrum Volcanic Soil finish with island and columns with overhead cabinet in Brushed Titanium Zinc

The interior is an empty signifier giving enough content to give meaning to the products it houses. The interiors signify a Monolith. All the edges in the spaces are cured while Valcucine as a brand features sharp edges, crisp design lines and contradictory surfaces. There is contradiction in geometry represented in the interiors yet it is tied by the uniformity in the material surfaces. Valcucine features – Natural stone, brass and metal as index materials and is contained in natural concrete shell.

The interiors constitute seamless concrete finish walls and ceiling along with terrazzo flooring, in neutral tones. The neutral container, ensures that the visitors focus is on the product and its experience when in the showroom.

In the new kitchen showroom in New Delhi, the creative and colorful design of Logica Celata stands out. In its bar composition it kept in centre breaking away from the monochromatic of the spaces and features the contextuality of Delhi.

The bar back is designed as the eye catchy piece of art. The bar adorned with the special Vitrum Arte tecnique rappresents the Map of Delhi in the color scheme inspired by the artwork of an Indian artist-SH Raza. This is the only splash of color in the showroom and acts as the show stopper for the area. Designed with special attention to ergonomics, this kitchen solution allows for a more open space, greater freedom of movement and a perfect view of the worktop, which is used for the entire surface area, although in a smaller size.

With a simple gesture, the door moves upward giving total access to the bar area. When finished, everything disappears from view bringing order back in an instant. The choice of Vitrum Arte finish creates a space of great suggestion and uniqueness.

Forma Mentis is also presented among the kitchens. The choice of Angel Skin finish, here proposed in the grey variant, gives a soft and pure effect to the surface, making it extremely pleasant to the touch. The shape and materiality of the Forma Mentis doors, constructed with slanting edges that have micro ridges, has been designed to make it easy to grasp and open without the need of handles thus ensuring clean-cut lines and practicality-of-use. Moreover, the metal profiles that protect the edges of the doors and table tops make it even more resistant.

The Latus wall unit in Gloss Vitrum Cloud White guarantees a light and silent opening: just a touch and the door opens upward, remaining suspended for as long as necessary.

Forma Mentis with Latus wall unit and Wood Effect Brunis Elm Boiserie

“The store is a refreshing departure from the look that defines the business of retail. It propagates towards a more studio level of interaction between the retailer and the client.” says Rudraksh Charan, Principal Architect 42mm curating Valcucine Flagship Store.