Forma Mentis:

Forma Mentis

In pursuit of materiality

Our view of the kitchen is that it should be a versatile project that can adapt to the requirements of its owners while at the same time being highly functional. The shape and materiality of the Forma Mentis doors, constructed with slanting edges that have micro ridges, has been designed to make it easy to grasp and open without the need of handles thus ensuring clean-cut lines and practicality-of-use.

Moreover, the metal profiles that protect the edges of the doors and table tops make it even more resistant. The look of this kitchen can be customised by choosing the thickness of the top, the type of grip recess and the colours of the profiles and their combinations. 

DESIGN Gabriele Centazzo


forma mentis 2


  • the slanting door edges with micro-ridges offer an excellent grip
  • the tactile experience is set off by extremely textured surfaces
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  • edges are protected by aluminium profiles
  • worktops are available in different thicknesses with various grip recess channel colour options
  • all the materials must pass strict quality tests before being approved
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  • new PVC-free materials can be disposed of without producing dioxin emissions
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