Forma Mentis:

Forma Mentis

The expressive power of a traditional mark

The most traditional of Valcucine kitchens, where elegance and practicality blend in perfect harmony without sacrificing details and technical solutions in line with the company's philosophy.

Tools, functions, and accessories are entrusted to large containment walls, dedicated paneling, and the equipped channel Logica Theca, remaining perfectly hidden. The distinctive design of the Origami breakfast counter conveys additional lightness and functionality to the composition. Everything contributes to creating a design layout where natural elements and technological solutions integrate into a harmonious and refined whole.

Design by Gabriele Centazzo

Design philosophy

The distinctive traits of this arrangement are its formal simplicity and the minimalism of its lines which contribute to defining a clean-cut, elegant whole. Functionality is always
guaranteed. Utensils, functions and accessories are located in large storage units against the wall, on dedicated wall panelling and perfectly hidden away in the Logica Theca equipped back section. The original design of the Origami breakfast bar lends even more lightness and functionality to the arrangement. Everything contributes to creating a designer layout in which natural elements and technological solutions are integrated in a harmonious whole, allowing the kitchen to create a strong bond with the natural environment surrounding it.




The choice to design the doors with inclined edges is not only aesthetic but also functional.

The inclined angles not only add a modern touch to the design but also make it easier to grip and open the doors, eliminating the need for additional handles. This not only contributes to a clean and minimalist appearance but also enhances the overall ergonomics of the furniture or furnishing element to which the doors are applied.



The choice of materials in the design of Forma Mentis aims to create an immersive sensory experience.

The use of materials that convey warmth adds an emotional dimension to the design, making spaces cozy and inviting. The materiality of the selected materials not only manifests visually but can also be perceived through touch, creating a tangible connection with the furnishings.

This attention to detail not only defines the overall aesthetics but also contributes to creating a refined and harmonious environment, where each element is an integral part of a clean and elegant ensemble.

forma mentis 3

Long-term resilience

The introduction of metal edge-saving profiles in the structure is not merely an aesthetic choice; it plays a fundamental role in enhancing the durability and long-term resilience of the object or element to which they are applied.

By safeguarding the edges from wear and impacts, these profiles contribute to preserving the original appearance of the object and extending its lifespan. Moreover, this solution adds a practical element, reducing the need for frequent maintenance interventions and ensuring that the object maintains its structural integrity over time.

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