Logica Celata Worldwide Tour movies in Chicago

Following the successful launch in Milan, London, Miami, the Logica Celata Worldwide Tour had continued the road show in the States landing in Chicago.

Together with the local partner Robert Accarino, Valcucine presented the new domestic bar in the fascinating district of Chicago, 300 W. Superior Street, with an exclusive event, with the presence of our CEO Giuseppe Di Nuccio and the most important personalities in town.

Watch the interview movie to Giuseppe Di Nuccio, Valcucine CEO, that presented the Logica Celata in the flagship store.

Watch the reportage movie of the exclusive launch event in presence of  Giuseppe Di Nuccio and the most important personalities in town.

Watch the roundtable movie: at the Valcucine Chicago store we put together a panel of representatives of Valcucine from Italy and of local experts:
– Giuseppe di Nuccio, CEO of Valcucine
– Robert Accarino, director of Valcucine Chicago
– Stefano Curto, head of international market for Valcucine
– Katie Klehr, owner of a Valcucine kitchen
– Richard Wexner,  former developer and current informal business advisor to Valcucine Chicago
– Janet McCann, interior designer


Logica Celata – the result of a brilliant research for the optimization of space and the reinvention of ergonomics – is a new project to customise your tasting experiences.  It is available in the Kitchen configuration that completes the models available for Logica Celata, together with the domestic Bar and Preparation versions. Each configuration is equipped with solutions and accessories designed for specific needs: everything is ready to be used as efficiently as possible and then disappear completely when it is no longer necessary. Once closed, Logica Celata becomes an elegant furnishing accessory.

Find out more on the product. Click here >>

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