New Valcucine store opening in South Korea

Valcucine unveiled the new prestigious Valcucine | Gallery D&D Store⁠ in Seoul (South Korea), reinforcing the Valcucine presence in Asia together with the other stores in ChinaJapanTaiwanHong KongThailandSingaporeIndonesiaMalaysia and Philippines .

The space showcases the Logica Celata, the newest member of the Logica family, featuring the smart, patented V-Motion system which simplifies daily kitchen chores by activating various functions with the simple gesture of a hand. ( ⁠Discover more on Logica Celata here >>)

The store showcases also the premium , offering a wide range of finishes in an authentically creative playground that benefits from ongoing technological innovation.⁠

The opening of the Valcucine Seoul | Gallery D&D store marks a significant step in South Korea celebrated by an exclusive event where guests and high-profile members of the world gathered in a private reception last December.⁠


Hereby below you’ll find the photo gallery of the new store and some shoots during the launch event.


Gallery D&D
Gangnam-gu – Seoul ⁠
129, Hakdong-ro ⁠
Ph: +82 2 2156 4700 ⁠


02_191212-0016 03_191212-0034 04_191212-0056 05_191212-0021 06_191212-0131 07_191212-0422 08_191212-0602

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