V-Light: wellbeing in the kitchen

Light is essential in our life, not only because it helps to live in our environment safely and to carry out our daily activities at best, but also because it affects our mental and physical ; consistency in our biological wellness, visual fatigue, mood swings, concentration skills, sleep schedule… these are just few aspects on which natural light shows its beneficial effect.

Science shows that replicating natural light through modern artificial lighting systems, affects in a positive way people’s biological wellness, as a matter of fact, lately there is more and more attention to HCL (Human Centric Lighting), a lighting orientated approach where individuals and their needs are key in the lighting .

Human health and wellbeing are our projects’ main goals.

With this in mind system allows you to change the colour of the back panel by choosing the light that best suits you depending on your mood, on the amount of natural light available and on the atmosphere you want to create at that specific moment in time.

The back panel is made of polymethylmethacrylate, a material that diffuses light in a perfectly uniform way. The result is pleasant lighting with no glare. This expresses one of the basic concepts of our company philosophy: freedom. Luminescent particles expand space, creating a hazy effect that fills the kitchen with natural light, just like opening a window.

V-Light luminous scenarios

The back panel lighting color variation creates three scenarios: from different white light graduations to the evocative elements of nature, to the circadian cycle through which the natural 24 hours sun movement is automatically recreated. 

what is the best lighting for the kitchen
The back panel is made of polymethylmethacrylate, a material that diffuses light in a perfectly uniform way.

Dimmable white light

Once you have chosen from the lights available, the intensity of the back panel’s light can be adjusted from cold – perfect for performing kitchen chores – to warm to create soft ambient lighting. The colour temperature ranges from 3000 to 4000°K.

what is the best lighting for the kitchen

Light representing the four natural elements

You can choose from four shades inspired by the natural elements that have always been a limitless source of inspiration and knowledge for Valcucine.

what is the best lighting for the kitchen

Circadian cycle light

“The circadian cycle is a natural, periodical biorhythm that repeats itself at 24-hour intervals. It’s governed by many different factors and based on external stimuli such as the way light changes throughout the day and night. The words come from the Latin “circa” (around) and “dies” (day). The original and complete meaning is therefore “around the day”.

When you choose the circadian cycle lighting the back panel automatically recreates the changes that normally occur in sunlight during a 24-hour period, reproducing natural-looking light. In the morning the light sports sky-blue hues to help you wake up. At lunchtime it becomes white but later changes to warmer tones and then simulates the colours of the sunset to prepare the body for sleep in the evening. This lighting pursues harmony by promoting natural rhythms which support the health – including the psychological and physical wellbeing – of users.

what is the best lighting for the kitchen

V-Light functionality can be amplified further through , the smart, patented system that simplifies daily kitchen chores by activating various functions with the simple of a hand.In order to change the back lighting, you only need to swipe your hand near to the gesture control.  Ergonomics is at its highest level and daily experience in the kitchen becomes extraordinary.