Valcucine in Budapest in the new Estorio space signed by este’r partners

Located in a stunning residential apartment, overlooking the Opera House, the new Estorio space is conceived not only as a showroom but also as a meeting and experience point, interior pilot project and reference point to create complete turn-key furniture solutions. Valcucine appears in the new space in Budapest with a special selection of its unique proposals.

The project is signed by the interior designer Eszter Radnóczy and the este'r partners studio whose work has been recognized year after year by the jury of the prestigious international BigSEE Awards.

Valcucine nel nuovo spazio Estorio a Budapest

The result is an elegant environment that reflects the intimate and sophisticated atmosphere of the Opera House: soft lights, fresh colors, elegant lines, metals and mirrors, everything top quality and without compromise. Thanks to several architectural tricks, the different glimpses of one of the most beautiful works of Hungarian architecture reflect on the furniture and on the showroom anytime of the day.

“Estorio is a complete professional fulfillment for us designers: we have been able to enjoy our freedom and the unlimited flow of our team's creativity in this apartment” says Eszter Radnóczy, interior designer and founder of Estorio. “Over the past decades, we have built many personal and professional international relationships through este'r partners, our interior design studio in Budapest and Milan, and I have always dreamed of bringing together these wonderful brands, unique and high-quality Italian, French, Hungarian, Dutch and German designers. With Estorio, not only will our concept be realized, but also Europe's premium brands will be brought together in an inspiring space – I'm proud that our first location is here, in Budapest”.

Valcucine nel nuovo spazio Estorio a Budapest
Eszter Radnóczy, Lead designer and founder of Estorio. | The team of este'r partners studio.

The showroom hosts more than 30 international design brands. Some of the brands will be available for the first time in the Central European region, as exclusive partners of Estorio – they will bring the Hungarian design community, architects, interior designers, decorators and property developers one step closer to the products of selected design brands, and to the turn-key concepts. The concept is supported by este'r partners' decades of design and implementation experience and its international network of contacts across Europe – combined with outstanding design creativity.

Estorio is more than a showroom: we promise to offer a 360-degree service, from finding the perfect real estate to choosing the door handle of the home, we bring everything to life with the highest level of design solutions, including turn-key implementation on demand. The showroom next to the Opera House is just one possible realization of the values that come together in Estorio – the possibilities are endless and the next step is up to our clients” describes Gábor Papp, Estorio's commercial manager.

In the cosy and elegant Estorio house, we are proposing a special selection of Valcucine world.

Star of the show, we see Logica Celata, the newest member of the Logica family and the end product of brilliant research into making over space and reinventing ergonomics. The kitchen is equipped with the smart patented V-Motion system that activates various functions with the simple gesture of a hand.

Without touching anything, the door swings upwards revealing the whole working area; everything is ready to be used in the most efficient and practical way possible. In the end, the door closes, flush with base units, hiding everything visible and bringing it all back to order in a second. Thanks to Logica Celata functionality meets beauty and the kitchen turns into a striking setting.

Valcucine nel nuovo spazio Estorio a Budapest

Among the unique Valcucine proposals in the new Estorio space in Budapest, we find island that, just like the ancient secrétaire, keeps a secret, intimate place inside its drawer. The island is enriched by the equipped bridging frame: designed to separate spaces without enclosing them, this element lets people on both sides of the bridging frame interact while creating a refined interplay of volumes consisting of the solid presence of the base units contrasting with the aesthetically light appeal of the structure.

Valcucine nel nuovo spazio Estorio a Budapest

The composition offers the possibility to touch with hand the Valcucine materials which are put together in a real creative play. The choice of Gloss Vitrum, here proposed in the soft Turtledove Grey shade, enhances the space and warms the room up. The Absolute Black Granite worktops and drawers brings along the timeless glamour of natural stone and creates a refined contrast. The Natural Copper, used for the island base units, lights the setting up with iridescent reflections that keep changing according to the angle and intensity of light.

Thanks to the combination of different materials, Valcucine solutions in the new Estorio space in Budapest create a strong visual impact, in harmony with the unique and evocative atmosphere that characterizes all the rooms of the house.

Valcucine nel nuovo spazio Estorio a Budapest
Valcucine nel nuovo spazio Estorio a Budapest

Photo credit: Norbert Juhász, Katalin Sándor

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