Renovation project between tradition and modernity: RJ House in Mantua

Tradition and modernity meet perfectly in this renovation project of a historic villa in Mantua, Italy.

The intervention involves the renovation of an entire multi-story building dating back to the 1500s located in the historic center of the city of Mantua, of which the apartment is a good portion.

The project planned by the studio Archiplan and Area In deals with the theme related to luxury housing and , affirming its condition of belonging to this sphere through the research for a spirituality of spaces that is expressed in the study of details and the sensuality of the materials used.

The ceiling and some walls of the palace are adorned with decorations from the 15th century until the 19th century.

Photo credits: Davide Galli Atelier

The spatial division of the surface remains intact, but the interior spaces are selectively structured by partially reconstructing the floor plan and introducing furniture elements that beautifully the tiers of seats.

The design proceeds by layering elements without canceling each other out.

The spaces keep together the old and the new, in a balance in which the reasons of one do not prevail over the reasons of the other.

Tradition and modernity are maintained in the renovation project.

Photo credits: Davide Galli Atelier

The relationship between opposites, understood as the process of searching for a beauty that can contain the ambiguity of things, also lends itself in the choice of the owners of New Logica, in their .

The , New Logica gives the possibility to respond to all the needs of the owners, creating an extraordinary balance with the system and the space that accommodates it.

The upper tilting and downward sliding doors open and close softly, to reveal all the back equipment.

The space and light from the light panel accentuate the sense of lightness, order and formal cleanliness of the structure.

Photo credits: Davide Galli Atelier

Cleanliness and balance are maintained by 's finishes chosen here in glossy cloud-white lacquered . The whole is enhanced by the Carrara marble island, reinforcing the idea of tradition and historicity that is the soul of RJ House.

Inevitably old and new blend in harmony with the charme of the that encloses the entire villa.

The entire project seeks the pleasure of detail and pursues the sensuality of matter.

Archiplan Studio.