Valcucine Berlin | hosts Sergei Tchoban's talk during our at Berlin Design Week 2023

On 11 May at the end of the we organised during the Berlin Design Week 2023, Valcucine Berlin | Kuechen Atelier Piekarz had the pleasure to host the talk by arch. Tchoban Sergei co-founder of Tchoban Voss Architekten.

The talk was focused on “Climate-friendly and ecological construction”. In perfect accordance to the  and  educational tour “” organized by us in Berlin.

With many years of experience, excellent project teams, efficient administration and a wide range of planning tools, Tchoban Voss Architekten offer architecturally and functionally solutions for almost every construction task at home and abroad.

His team offer architecturally and functionally sustainable solutions for almost every construction task at home and abroad. They design, plan and build for regional and international clients in the public and private sectors in throughout Germany, as well as in Russia and its neighbor states, Turkey, Central Asia and the Arab states.

The background of our Berlin partner and the Valcucine Berlin | showroom perfectly accommodated the speech of the special host.

Valcucine Berlin | Kuechen Atelier Piekarz, have at their disposal a wide and complete range of aesthetic, sustainable and ergonomic solutions from which to draw to create ever-changing projects suitable for every need.

The day was organized with a scheduled educational tour designed to provide young architects, interior designers, architects, and students of  the opportunity to experience and learn about how responsible architects are committed to strengthen their working practices to create that has a more positive impact on the world around us.

During the day we discoved some prominent sustainable buildings in Berlin and all these architecture firms:

  • Tchoban Foundation with Sergei Tchoban + Aldo Rossi. Insulae | drawings exhibition

Cover image by Alexa Bendek