Lima House, the elegance and in a cube

On the outside, an interplay of lines, an elegantly constructed cube with a mix of materials. Inside, spacious and comfortable spaces under the banner of everyday life.

Situated within an urban site, Lima House in Perù is designed to recall the atmosphere of a townhouse.

The team of Studio MK27 has organized the project as three stacked volumes – a strategy further used toward the interiors which are divided into boxes that resolve the program. These internal programmatic boxes are separated and defined by wooden panels and doors.

The residence is characterized as a playful perspective of space, a “metabox” project.

The cube architectural house is therefore composed of three external boxes, placed one on top of another, and internal boxes that resolve the program. It is a ludic perspective of the space.

The external boxes are made of slatted exposed concrete, with the front and back façades clad in different materials and acting as side covers. These materials form uniform skins that hide the openings.

The palette of materials is quite small: wood, stone, concrete and aluminium. The wood is of Brazilian origin, given its resistance to the weather. The stone (Basalt) and marble (Travertine) are also local.

The ground floor houses the social areas, comprised of a terrace and the .

Our Valcucine , and its New Logica, fits into this unique context, made up of the union of different shapes and materials.

More silent than a floating feather: the upper lift-up doors and the lower sliding doors open and shut gently to reveal all the accessories of the back panel, a patented element that can be equipped to meet the user's requirements and can even house a cooker hood.

The space and the light from the light panel allow for a feeling of lightness, order and formal cleanliness of the carcass.

The New Logica element is an architectural stucture that improves and . Values that have always been at the heart of our philosophy and the basis for the evolution of all our systems and special elements.

Working in the kitchen can be very tiring, notwithstanding the help given by many accessories and by electrical appliances. Good space organisation can reduce obstacles and unnatural and useless movements. Arranging various kitchen areas by respecting distances and organising logical routes is the starting point to make work in the kitchen creative and fun. That is why thanks to our New Logica, each function has a place of its own and all the space available in the kitchen is fully exploited.

New Logica system

There is also a rooftop and a “semi-underground” with a garage, utility area, gym and pool, which can be appreciated through a strip on the garden in the ground floor, next to the main living room.

On the second floor, we finally encounter the master bedroom with its own living room, walk-in closet and a terrace.


The third floor is dedicated to the children. There are two en-suites, a living room, a guest bedroom and bathroom and a terrace with a wall of cobogós (hollow bricks). This cobogó façade guarantees visual protection while also permitting the entrance of natural light and cross-ventilation.

The greatest challenge of this cube architecture project was filling the space with the necessary density while simultaneously guaranteeing that the quality external spaces could be used, diluting the limits between external and internal.