: where ergonomics meets architectural harmony

The project for this Ukrainian villa follows a minimalist approach, where kitchen ergonomics converges and unnecessary elements have been eliminated, creating an open space that accentuates the villa's most crucial aspect: breathtaking views from every room.

Covering an area of 725 square meters, this single-level residence maintains a strong connection with its natural surroundings, harnessing the earth's energy. The entire house, from the entrance to the adjoining rooms, offers stunning panoramic views.

kitchen ergonomics


MONO architects, drawing inspiration from the abundant pine forest and natural landscapes, have imbued this home with the innate beauty of nature.

The U-shaped layout of the villa provides maximum privacy for its owners and is divided into three interior zones.

A day area with a kitchen, living room, dining room, and access to a terrace with a barbecue area, offering comfortable open-air living thanks to the foldable glass partition. A night area with three bedrooms and a games room. And finally an home spa with a hammam, salt sauna, and relaxation area with a jacuzzi. Each room has been thoughtfully designed to offer coziness, comfort, and unity.


The guiding mantra for designing Infinity Villa was to “Transmute this residence into a Zen sanctuary.”

Chief architect Victoria Oskilko (MONO Architects)


Natural tones and neutral colors dominate the interior of the villa. The incorporates natural finishing materials, including stone, glass, veneer wall panels, and a parquet flooring.

The furniture, plumbing, lighting, and decor are all sourced from renowned global brands, ensuring the highest quality.

The villa's windows create a seamless connection with nature, utilizing minimal posts to provide unobstructed views.

Architect Viktoriya Oskilko, underscored the pivotal role of the kitchen in delivering not only aesthetics, , and durability but also a sense of unity within the entire space.

Our New Logica in Cloud White Matt Glass finish has been thoughtfully selected, by our local partner ВенеціяVenezia to cater to both occasional and passionate chefs. Its contemporary and minimalist design seamlessly integrates into shared areas like the living room, fostering a harmonious living experience.

A unique and that encapsulates Valcucine's kitchen ergonomics at its finest.

What sets this kitchen system apart are the upper lift-up doors and downward-sliding doors, which operate with a fluid grace, revealing a wealth of accessories cleverly stored on the back panel.

This patented feature is adaptable to individual needs, offering a versatile solution that can even accommodate a cooker hood.

The carefully chosen materials utilized in the project, including glass cabinets, elegant marble countertops, and tasteful wooden inserts, effortlessly merge with the overall design, ensuring a cohesive and timeless aesthetic that transcends the confines of the kitchen.

Photo courtesy MONO Architects