Best projects of 2023 featuring Valcucine

The year 2023 has revealed an extraordinary collection of best  , going beyond conventional limits and creating an indelible impact, moving from Italy and Europe to the eastern coasts. Each project is a testament to , and the seamless fusion of technology with timeless elegance.

Ph: JAMES TU INTERIORS | Photographer : Lee Kuo-Mi

In the heart of Taipei's oasis, the Tao Zhu Yin Yuan Residential Tower, designed by the renowned architect Vincent Callebaut, stands as an icon of environmental responsibility. In this context, Valcucine's technology takes center stage, harmonizing with the tower's vision to promote carbon-absorbing structures and combat global warming. The kitchen area, in collaboration with our Taiwanese partner Huapin International, showcases the Genius Loci‘s clean lines and hand-crafted aesthetic.

With a symmetric layout and Air Logica system, it becomes a functional masterpiece that integrates seamlessly into the tower's sustainable narrative.

Ph: Teresa Alcocel

In the sun-kissed landscape of La Mancha (Spain), Valcucine Madrid | Estudio Kroma collaborated with Alcocel Barrachina studio to craft a kitchen that mirrors the warmth of its surroundings.

Sliding glass doors connect the villa's interior to the outdoors, allowing seamless transitions. The kitchen's Tactile Elm wood, Black Matt Glass, and Genius Loci island with a breakfast bar contribute to a welcoming and functional space.

Ph: Château de Belet

Certainly, the most distinctive and magical setting that we have the pleasure of summarizing in this best kitchen projects of 2023 is the French mansion named Châteu de Belet.

This historic mansion in the picturesque Dordogne region, underwent a significant renovation in its kitchen thanks to Valcucine Berlin | Küchen Atelier Piekarz.

The Genius Loci kitchen, designed by Gabriele Centazzo, becomes the heart of personalization within this boutique hotel. With a secret space in the drawer just like ancient secretaires, the kitchen becomes a personalized area. The textured materials, a thoughtful blend of stone and wood with glass and titanium, create a timelessly balanced fusion that reminds with the rich history of the château.

As we are coming to the end of our summary, we move to our homeland: Italy.

Ph: Davide Galli

The detailed renovation of a Casa RJ in Mantua, seamlessly blends tradition and modernity. This ambitious project involves restoring an entire multi-story building from the 1500s in Mantua's historic center, where the apartment plays a significant role in this architectural masterpiece.

Crafted by prestigious firms Archiplan and Area In, the project explores luxury housing and , emphasizing its affiliation with this atmosphere. Spatial spirituality is artfully expressed through meticulous attention to details and the use of exquisite materials.

The search of beauty within contrasts extends to the selection of the New Logica  by discerning owners. This unique element enables them to meet diverse needs, achieving an extraordinary balance with the kitchen system and the surrounding space.

The upper tilting and downward sliding doors move with graceful precision, revealing concealed equipment. Illuminated by a light panel, the interplay of space and light imparts a sense of weightlessness, fostering order and formal purity within the structure.

Ph: Vito Corvasce

Finally, in the Italian landscape of Parma, Palazzo Carmi, transformed by Blank Design for Living architects, tells a story of historical grandeur meeting modern luxury. Within this traditional setting, Valcucine's kitchen takes its space.

The Pure White island, Genius Loci collection, and Air Logica system elevate the kitchen to en example of sophistication. The inclusion of an advanced home automation system ensures not just kitchen excellence but also maximum comfort, aligning perfectly with the grandeur of the palace.

In conclusion, these different kitchen projects of 2023 reflect Valcucine's commitment to blending , and elegance in . Each space tells a unique story, from an ancient castle to historic Spanish villas, showcasing the brand's ability to tailor kitchens to various contexts.

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