Genius Loci:

Genius Loci

The hidden drawer inspired by ancient old desks

Just like old desks Genius Loci conceals a secret, intimate, space in a drawer that goes beyond the functional. Genius Loci is the heart of customisation and available in various finishes. It offers a timeless aesthetic and hand-crafted workmanship that reflects the taste of those who purchase it. The result is sophisticated and refined.

Design by Gabriele Centazzo

Design philosophy

The H8 drawer below the worktop is available in two versions: one that looks as if it is a continuation of the worktop, perfectly integrated with the volumes and materials of the kitchen, and another slanting version designed to contrast with the top to create a more striking impact. The Special Elements elegantly conceal their functional parts for a kitchen that looks tidy at all times and preserves its streamlined beauty. The focus of the project - the island - can be fitted with New Logica H140 to create a visible yet unobtrusive partition that divides the work area from the living room, or it can be extended by means of a floating drawer to create new convivial and functional spaces.


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