: announced the theme of Fuorisalone 2024

Materia Natura” is the chosen theme for Fuorisalone 2024 during .

An inviting suggestion that propagates a culture of conscious , celebrating the profound connection between matter and nature, with sustainability as a guiding light and intrinsic value in the creative and design fabric.

In this inspiring context, Valcucine's participation as the main sponsor of Brera Design District 2024 stands out, reflecting its philosophy deeply tied to sustainability.

Valcucine will showcase “Architectural Scenarios” during Fuorisalone 2024, a collective exhibition exploring the world of design and its integration with and interior design.

Always, the contemplation of the essence of nature has been at the core of human culture, with a tendency to reinterpret it as a distinct entity, parallel to the manipulation, study, and experimentation that has always characterized matter. This reflection on the relationship between nature and matter, intertwining and overlapping harmoniously, has always played a central role in Valcucine's philosophy.

The word “nature,” emerging in the theme “Materia Natura“, becomes a strong and timely call to the challenges of our present, emphasizing the need to promote projects oriented towards increasingly and environmentally respectful solutions.

Simultaneously, the term “matter” fosters a natural dialogue with design, creative thinking, and planning, encouraging the conception of an infinite variety of possible transformations.

The theme “Materia Natura” represents an evolution of concepts explored in previous editions of Fuorisalone, such as “Forme dell'Abitare,” “Tra Spazio e Tempo,” and “Laboratorio Futuro,” outlining a path that supports the values of a conscious design culture.

In this context, “Materia Natura” further amplifies and deepens the vision, placing sustainability at the forefront as a guiding principle and fundamental virtue in the creative and design process, reflecting Valcucine's consistent attention to this theme.

and its Fuorisalone represent a significant opportunity to explore the many dimensions in which nature can inspire, become a material for design, and serve as a guide for a future rooted in sustainability.

Through Valcucine's commitment to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), this exploration translates into concrete projects oriented towards sustainable and environmentally respectful solutions, offering a tangible response to contemporary challenges.

Valcucine's presence at Milan Design Week becomes not only an expression of creativity and innovative design but also an opportunity to highlight its sustainable vision actively contributing to a more conscious future in the design landscape. A journey that aligns seamlessly with its long tradition of pursuing a path inherently tied to sustainable values, a philosophy that was thoroughly analyzed during the previous Milan Design Week.


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