Milan Design Week 2024

i29 installation at our exhibition during 2024

During , Dutch and interior studio i29, will interpret several spaces inside our flahship store in Milan, to host the Genius Loci, Logica Celata, and Riciclantica Outline collections, designed by our founder and designer Gabriele Centazzo.

With a clear and sophisticated approach i29 “give shape to physical experiences around us, creating a clear, effective and surprising world” said the i29 founders.

i29, based in Amsterdam, is globally renowned for its innovative and contemporary approach to interior design, focusing on clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and creative use of space and materials. Their portfolio includes a variety of projects, from residential to commercial and hospitality interiors, known for their distinctive style and attention to detail.


Jaspar Jansen and Jeroen Dellensen, founders of i29

In their installation at during 2024, i29 offers a holistic exploration, interpreting collections aligned with Gabriele Centazzo's design values.

The collection delves into craftsmanship, highlighting meticulous artistry and skills, while Logica Celata celebrates creativity through autonomous . Riciclantica Outline unveils sophistication, showcasing dynamic design details and storytelling experiences. The planning philosophy behind Riciclantica Outline combines functional volumes with Special Elements, offering versatile solutions for various needs.

Each installation, based on specific features of Valcucine's kitchen collection, tells a story of sophistication, craftsmanship, and creativity.

The installations reflect Valcucine's commitment to customization by matching materials, colors, and textures with walls, floors, and furniture objects, showcasing the possibilities of Valcucine's collection.

The unified experience celebrates the brand's values, representing a holistic approach to designing a home environment where every detail is interconnected


Ph: courtesy of i29