Milano Design Week Event at Valcucine Milano Brera

Thursday 10th of April 2019, the day after the launch of  Logica Celata at Rinascente, we celebrated Logica Celata Worldwide open tour in the flagship store Milano Brera with our CEO Giuseppe Di Nuccio. The first stage of the world tour of Logica Celata starts with the Bar configuration, on an exclusive location and a just as exclusive project with the best Italian bar partners: Campari Soda, Bastianich, Nonino, Gambrinus, Dolomia and Illy. The kitchen version, which completes the models available for Logica Celata together with the preparation version, has been also be presented. Just like a compelling picture, an advert created in the 70s for Campari Soda by Franz Marangolo, an illustrator from Milan, is freely interpreted on the front of the Logica Celata bar in a playful style. ⁣⠀






















Valcucine on 10th of April night celebrated 20 years of the Bioforest, a non-profit organization that was established 20 years ago by Valcucine from the desire to promote a production culture which was more aware of environmental issues, to contribute to the restoration of natural resources and to the protection of biodiversity. Giuseppe Di Nuccio, Valcucine CEO and Padre Pansa, author of the book “Quinto comandamento” by Mondadori, did a special speech at the WWF Garden of Sustainable Design about the Bioforest projects. ⁣The celebration than had continued in the flagship store Valcucine Milano | Brera, Corso Garibaldi 99. ⁣⠀⁣

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