Valcucine at Italian Glass Week 2022 in Venice

2022 has been officially designated by the UN as the International Year of Glass. In this important year for the glass sector, The Venice Glass Week partnered with Vision Milan Glass Week to present a new international festival: The Italian Glass Weeks 2022.

The first week of the festival took place in Milan from 10th to 18th September 2022 and was dedicated primarily to industrial glass. The second week of the festival took place in Venice from 17th to 25th September 2022, and was dedicated to artistic glass.

An exciting programme of events was staged in both cities, including exhibitions and installations, guided tours, demonstrations and workshops, as well as a series of B2B events for companies operating in the glass industry.

The Italian Glass Weeks 2022 offered a unique opportunity for audiences including consumers, collectors, buyers and businesses to encounter, explore and appreciate the best of glass in Italy. The initiative aims to celebrate and promote the excellence of the Italian glass industry, whilst also showcasing the highest quality glass from elsewhere in the world.

Valcucine is linked with the city of Venice and with glass and this relationship dates back to the beginning of this century.

The photo for the launch of the advertising campaign of Artematica Vitrum was taken in Murano at the Abate Zanetti furnace more than 18 years ago and the photo for the advertising campaign of Artematica Vitrum at Palazzo Grassi two years later.

Artematica Vitrum at Abate Zanetti furnace (2005)
Artematica Vitrum Arte at Palazzo Grassi (2007)

In the prestigious setting of Palazzo Mocenigo in Venice, along with ISIA of Rome, a University also based in Friuli Venezia Giulia, MUVE (Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia) and the ISS Abate Zanetti Institute of Murano, Valcucine took part at the event “Design of Glass”.

An experience that consolidated an important design workshop on artistic glass, now in its second year of activity. One of the main purposes is identified in the artistic design of glass with respect to the variation of the contemporary socio-cultural context.

The specific collaboration project focused on our Genius Loci Kitchen Collection with a particular attention to the peculiar “drawer”. An element of personalization and at the same time a vector of enhancement of Italian craftsmanship that have made and continue to make the culture of our country through the wise management of values ​​and aesthetics.

Genius Loci

During the Venice Glass Week 2022, at Palazzo Mocenigo in Venice, was also set up an exhibition space with the projects developed by the students during the two-year experience in the design laboratory led by Prof. Spalletta, MUVE and the prestigious Technical Institute for Graphics and Communication Abate Zanetti. Some projects selected by Valcucine and manufactured under the wise direction of Maestro Eros Raffael, has been even physically exhibited.

Genius Loci customized artworks by Abate Zanetti Students exhibited at Palazzo Mocenigo
ISIA Students Exhibition at Palazzo Mocenigo

This workshop is part of a more general strategy of growth of the so-called “collaborative design experiences” highlighted with the creation of the Pordenone Design Week ten years ago, which aims to put in touch different subjects of the manufacturing system: from the world of education, to the manufacturing system of SMEs and all the key subjects of the territorial framework.