Budapest Design Week 2022 with our partner EstOrio

During the Budapest Week 2022, held between the 7th and the 16th of October, we attended in the showroom of our partner EstOrio, a competition for graphic design students in higher education to design a unique front that could be adapted to our Valcucine's Vitrum Arte technique.

At this year edition of the Budapest Design Week, este'r partners have welcomed visitors to EstOrio's showroom. The central attention of the day was on the intersection and coexistence of graphic and , expecially focusing on our iconic .

EstOrio's showroom, Budapest Design Week 2022

The contest infact, showcased the Vitrum Arte technique, and have offered the most successful Hungarian students the opportunity to challenge themselves and present their personal projects.

Between the graphics received from the 16 participants, a total of four designs were selected as winners having the opportunity to be used for a real Vitrum Arte Valcucine's project.

Skillful craftsmanship is one of the main features of the Italian excellence that makes our industrial products unique. 

Valcucine contributes to the culture of beauty with Vitrum Arte, an exclusive technique developed during two years of research and that lets us reproduce designs on glass which are applied manually using an extraordinary inlay technique. To be accomplished, this extremely innovative process still requires the patient and fundamental work of man. 

Vitrum Arte in our kitchens uses the same wood inlay technique that, over centuries, has produced authentic masterpieces and very fine and admirable handcrafted objects. We at Valcucine revisited the wood inlay technique using modern materials such as glass and coloured film instead. 

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Just like in the past, we use the same traditional technique that is performed entirely by hand and makes each piece unique. 

So that they can be inlaid on glass panels, the original designs are vectorised to obtain plain, even-coloured backgrounds without any differences in shade or transparencies. The designs are cut out from special coloured film and then applied to the tempered glass panels by hand. Any small imperfections in matching the films are proof of the precious manual process employed and of the value of tailor-made production.

Winners of this first edition in Hungary during Budapest Design Week 2022 are Bence Kiss, a master's student at the Győr Design Campus, Andras Veres, a graphic design student at the University of Pécs, Emese Lilla Kovács, a second-year student of visual representation at Budapest Metropolitan University and Kövesdi, fashion and textile design student at the University of Pécs.

Thanks to EstOrio for having welcomed us, they will soon visit Valcucine headquarters in 2023.

Read more about Budapest Design Week on the website.