Soft Outline: an elegant and luxury in a renovated building

With the aim of creative research aimed at achieving pure volume, Artematica Soft Outline kitchen looks like a single block in which the top, doors and sides are integrated into a harmonious whole, declining into an example of an elegant and .

The main feature of Artematica Soft Outline is the sinuous and delicate line that runs along the edges, emphasizing the continuity of the surfaces.

Its clean, minimalist design is the result of advanced creativity and precise and careful processing techniques. Made using cutting-edge technologies, the slim aluminium profiles, available in black, copper and bronze, become stylistic details that add refinement to the arrangement.



Kitchen base units in Matt Volcanic Soil finish; top and accessorised splashback; island featuring base units in Matt Volcanic Soil Vitrum and top in Carnic Grey marble; tower units in Brushed Titanium Zinc


The search for a new expressive possibility that enhances the perception of pure volume creates a space of poetic elegance where strictness and softness meet in gentle balance.


Close-up view of Bronze Anodised Aluminium edging and of the kitchen door in Matt Volcanic Earth Vitrum


As with the other compositions, for Artematica Soft Outline we imagined a and avant-garde setting in Ecosophìa.

In fact, sustainability in does not only mean creating new super-efficient buildings, but it also becomes critically important to preserve existing structures before creating new ones. Industrial and represent valuable building heritage to be protected for their cultural value.

The philosophy of Artematica Soft Outline, is declined in the decomposition of independent blocks, modular and juxtaposable at will according to space requirements and personal taste. In addition, the use of special juxtaposed elements gives movement to the composition, encouraging great compositional freedom.



The glass splashguard has been designed to protect the people standing on the other side of the island when food is being prepared and cooked but it is also a practical space that can accommodate a rich assortment of accessories depending on individual needs and on the areas it is used in.

The choice to suspend the splash guard from the top facilitates cleaning while the finish promotes visual lightness. A solution that makes the kitchen both elegant and practical for design with the highest level of comfort.

The glass backsplash can also enhance the kitchen configured with an island or peninsula, where there is a cooktop or sink.



Tactile Walnut Insula breakfast bar


Completing the composition, in addition to the of the splashguard, the principle of lightness is materialized through the tapered profile and rounded corners of the Insula breakfast bar.

The 30° bevelled edge of the breakfast bar sets off and enhances its slender, 6 mm thickness. Thanks to the special fastening system adopted, a gap is created between the breakfast bar and the volume of the base units which makes the surface look as if it is floating in mid air.

In the case of this elegant luxury kitchen, the choice of Tactile Walnut contributes to the warmth of the environment. The presence of this “living” material reintroduces traditional tactile sensations, related to the organic character of a historical material traditionally present in the kitchen environment.

Framing the described details of this iconic kitchen is the Good Design Award 2022 that was given by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum for and Design to our Artematica Soft Outline kitchen.