Glass splashguard

The glass splashguard can add a finishing touch to a kitchen with an island/peninsula fitted with a hob or sink.

This element has been designed to protect the people standing on the other side of the island when food is being prepared and cooked but it is also a practical space that can accommodate a rich assortment of accessories depending on individual needs and on the areas it is used in. The basic idea is that of an optimised, extremely efficient space that is ready to use.

There is a gap between the top and the splashguard to make cleaning easier while the fact that it is made of glass gives it a visually light appeal.
It is an elegant, practical solution designed for unsurpassable convenience.

Glass splashguard 

The splashguard is made of glass to add luminosity and convey a greater feeling of lightness.
The tempering process causes the inner structure of the glass to change so that it becomes five times more resistant than normal glass and - in the event it should shatter - breaks into tiny, blunt pieces.
100% recyclable, glass becomes the utmost expression of eco-sustainable design.
It is designed to accommodate a large range of purpose-designed accessories that can be easily attached to the top edge of the glass panel and then easily rearranged at will.


The glass splashguard is designed to accommodate a set of specific hanging accessories which can be easily moved to the desired work area courtesy of the sliding system.
Equipping this area clears more space on the worktop as well as in drawers and jumbo drawers.
In addition to practicality of use, special attention to aesthetics and care to detail have contributed to the design of these accessories.