: a modern customised in a

The Genius Loci kitchen reflects the emblem of the modern and customised kitchen, as in the old secretaire it has in the drawer a secret, intimate and complicit space.

An ingenious result enabled by the dematerialisation of the worktop, the under-top drawer becomes the distinctive element of the kitchen.

A precious detail, customisable with different finishes and craftsmanship, perfectly integrated with the purity of the shapes and materials, a strong line that crosses the materiality of the surfaces, like a mark on a canvas.

A sign of continuity or distinction, it is the heart of customisation in the kitchen, the precious jewel that, with different finishes and processes that are also the result of excellent craftsmanship, makes the kitchen absolutely unique. A fundamental detail, which integrates perfectly with the purity of the shapes and materials of the customised kitchen, for a sophisticated result of the utmost research.

The H8 under-top drawer is proposed both visually in continuity with the worktop, integrating perfectly with the volumes and materials of the kitchen, and in an oblique version with a studied contrast for a result of great effect.

The Special Elements elegantly conceal the functional part, so that everything is always in order and the formal purity of the composition is preserved.

Valcucine Genius Loci modern customized kitchen

Kitchen base units in Matt Cloud White Vitrum, top in Tech Ceramic Stone and Air Logica System in Gloss Cloud White Vitrum

As already mentioned for the other compositions in our “Ecosophìa” catalogue, has also been set within sustainable and innovative domestic contexts, settings that represent the frontier of contemporary architecture.

In our imagination, the customized kitchen Genius Loci was included as part of a sustainable architectural context typical of a LEED-certified house.

The benefits of a home designed to LEED standards are many and include energy savings, environmental protection, water management, materials and resources used, indoor air quality, and the level of already in the design phase.

Credits for LEED certification, to which our Valcucine kitchens also contribute, can be an important element in achieving the goals imposed by the ESG paradigm, a concept that has established itself as a yardstick for evaluating the sustainability of companies and, consequently, of investments related to them.

Indeed, for more than four decades we have distinguished ourselves in the design and manufacture of high-quality kitchens. We remain committed to providing excellence in sustainability, innovation and professionalism, paying close attention to the selection of raw materials according to the strictest standards.

Valcucine Genius Loci modern customized kitchen

Kitchen drawer finish: handcraft inlay on wood

The focal point of the Genius Loci collection and its distinctive soul are summed up in the place for excellence of customisation in the kitchen: the drawer.

The latter, can be made in different materials and fine finishes. From inlaid and carved woods to carved stones to precious metals, Valcucine recovers and reinterprets the preciousness of ancient crafts, restoring dignity and beauty to treasures of memory in danger of being lost.

This is a tribute to made-in-Italy labor under the banner of the stories of excellence that have always inspired the design of our .

luxury moden kitchens

Kitchen drawer interiors

Drawer interiors, on the other hand, are designed to allow maximum use of space according to the specific needs of each user. These are innovative and flexible solutions that allow, simply by changing their arrangement, the interiors of drawers and baskets to be organized as desired.

Air Logica System in Gloss Cloud White Vitrum

Genius Loci is also enriched by additional characteristic , as for the innovative and ergonomic Air Logica system, which allows you to take advantage of the entirety of the bases from the increased depth.

The door opens silently upward, revealing the integrated hood and the light panel behind, which increases the visibility of the countertop and gives a valuable feeling of lightness and breadth to the entire preparation area.

Kitchen island with floating breakfast bar in Tactile Walnut

Finally, the customised kitchen and its island in Tactile Walnut is enriched by the inherent of the lighted wall unit proposed in the H140 version, which allows the entire depth of the worktop to be used, giving maximum comfort, visual freedom and freedom of movement.

In addition to improving and , New Logica H140 becomes an architectural element that allows the space to be divided into two environments, one operational facing the kitchen and the other integrated with the living area. Without breaking the fluidity of the open space and leaving the eye free to wander.