Sustainable luxury

Monocabin XL5: in the middle of the California desert

With elegance, sustainability, and technological solutions, Monocabin XL5 exemplifies and off-grid living, showcasing the possibility of energy and water self-sufficiency through intelligent resource use.

The Monocabin project is a harmonious blend of functional, technical, and aesthetic research, a result of collaborative efforts of the Mandalaki team.

off-grid living

This 100% self-sufficient residence in the heart of the California desert reflects the interior studio's iconic philosophy. This represents a tangible example of sustainable luxury living in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature.

The spacious interior made up of 93 square meters includes two bedrooms, a , a living room, and two bathrooms, comfortably accommodating 4 to 5 people.

off-grid living

Characterized by sleek lines and practical elements, Forma Mentis in white Angel Skin finish, with its LEED credits and FSC® certification, perfectly complements the sustainable ethos, creating a harmonious cooking living space.

This unit is equipped with advanced solar panels that harness the abundant solar energy of the desert to power the entire home making it 100% self-sufficient. The external tank also handles waste, while an underground cistern serves as a water reservoir, making the house completely self-sufficient.

Installing solar lamps, not only helps to save energy but allows to contribute significantly to the current challenges in energy and climate change, for a sustainable living by using the sun as the most available renewable source of energy that we have access to.

off-grid living

Monocabin is designed to protect and enhance the environment through the use of sustainable materials and construction processes, crafting a “smart” home. From walls made of a hemp and lime bio-blend to customizable finishes and recyclable accessories, every design detail emphasizes sustainability, marrying energy efficiency with an elegant and minimalist aesthetic.

Large windows fill the interiors with natural light, striking a balance between privacy and immersion in the surrounding environment.

This unique feature is repeated in all the “tiny homes” of Mandalaki. A that celebrates the beauty of the natural world while offering residents both a sense of immersion and privacy.

In Mandalaki's continuous commitment to sustainability and minimalism, Monocabin modules are also designed for reduced bulk during transportation, minimizing CO2 impact.

Monocabin's global journey includes constructions also in Padua (Italy) and Rhodes (Greece). The first prefabricated tiny house, designed in 2018 in Rhodes, serves therefore as a prototype, showcasing the intimate individual space explored by Mandalaki's livable design.

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