Valcucine media company

From the brand to the community: Valcucine Media Company

In recent years, major international brands have gradually transformed from simply manufacturing entities into authentic media companies.  In a sector characterized by content saturation and homogeneity, Valcucine aims to distinguish itself by offering added value to its of retailers, architects, developers, business partners, suppliers, professionals, and enthusiasts.

The Valcucine Media Company is an indispensable tool for meaning construction, facilitating change processes, learning, creating valuable relationships within its network, and asserting a corporate culture.

In the large digital landscape where we spend many hours each day, Valcucine has embraced the challenge of connecting with its community in a more direct and engaging way, evolving over time into a true media company. Since 2007, through its magazine, the company has published over 580 articles in Italian and English. In 2023, Valcucine published 42 articles, collecting over 100,000 page views, reaching over 5 million views on Instagram, and achieving over 250,000 organic views on LinkedIn (Source: GA-4 and Meta Business Suite).

Valcucine media company

Today, Valcucine reintroduces its Magazine, transforming it into a vehicle for sharing brand-related stories, including corporate events, projects by key global retailers, and with architects and developers. A technical and aesthetic restyle aims to expose not only what the company does but also who they are.

The shift is not confined to the digital landscape. With the implementation of a complete editorial plan, Valcucine has integrated multichannel communication into its strategy.

From the website to the Magazine, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and WeChat, to newsletters, printed catalogs, showroom events, and the , the company has established a connection between the online and offline worlds. This integration seeks to reach and engage its professional audience comprehensively, respecting the diversity in information consumption habits.

Among the recently developed content are:

  • Domus Anthology“: a collection of projects and articles firstly digital and later compiled into a coffee table book, serving as inspiration with the best recently published projects and tributing to passionate retailers who collaborated with local architects.
  • “Connecting the dots”: a series of events at showrooms with architects discussing projects, LEED certification, and sustainability.
  • the pilot event “Chez Valcucine“: meetings with Michelin-starred chefs and architects in showrooms.
  • Educational tours at firms.
  • The heading “Friendly”: speeches for a friendly and future.

The editorial plan of the Media Company is the result of collaboration within the entire community, particularly with retailers, business partners, and architects involved in projects and events. This collaboration extends beyond simple business cooperation, a collective effort for mutual growth, strengthening lasting bonds, and expanding the community.

The Valcucine magazine redesign a significant milestone in the company's evolution, a bridge between the past and the future.