kitchen showroom in Valencia

Valcucine opens its new kitchens showroom in Valencia

Valcucine has just arrived in presenting its new right in the heart of the city on February the 1st. This collaboration with the interior studio Metrocuadrado has set a new standard for style and sophistication.

This event marked an exceptional moment in the evolution of Valencia's design scene, confirming the city's role as a national and international focal point in the field of kitchen design and in general.

The was a success of innovation and creativity, with the participation of renowned architectural studios and industry professionals from across the Valencian .

During the event of this new kitchens showroom, guests had the opportunity to admire the works of the celebrated Navarrese sculptor Faustino Aizcorbe, acclaimed for his skill in blending craftsmanship with contemporary vision With a career spanning over four decades, Aizcorbe continues to be a prominent figure in the Spanish and international scene, with his works displayed in galleries and private collections worldwide.

As guests explored the exhibition space and marveled at the innovative design solutions proposed by Valcucine, they were treated to a tasting of cocktails inspired by the brand's core values: Sustainability, Timelessness, Innovation, Well-being. This brilliant idea not only made the event memorable and engaging for guests but also tangibly emphasized Valcucine's fundamental values, transforming the tasting experience into an opportunity to fully immerse oneself in the brand's universe and design philosophy.

The collaboration with partner Miele Spain added a special touch to the event, contributing to its extraordinary success. Renowned industry professionals such as ERRE arquitectura, Sergio Adelantado, the dean of the College of Architects Luis Sendra (COACV), Toni Mansilla, the construction company AT4, Manas Arquitectura, Tejedor Asociados, the March Arquitectura School, the Ramon Esteve team, as well as established architectural firms such as Fran Silvestre, Ruben Muedra, and Antonio Altarriba, all participated in the event.

The of Valcucine Valencia | Metrocuadrado new showroom was not only an opportunity to showcase innovative design solutions but also to celebrate the artistic and creative excellence that characterizes the brand, reaffirming Valencia's position as an international design hub.

Valcucine Valencia | Metrocuadrado will now bring its expertise and attention to detail throughout the Valencian Community, offering high-quality and prestigious solutions that combine innovation, sustainability, and refined aesthetics that characterize the Valcucine brand worldwide.