ARRC with Valcucine at Milan Design Week 2024

Milan Week 2024: ARRCC installation at Architectural Scenarios

As anticipated, ARRCC, the renowned South African design studio, is set to showcase its installation at by Valcucine during the .

Architectural Scenarios will be the collaborative exhibition highlighting the design versatility and seamless integration of our program with architectural concepts.

Scheduled from April 15 to April 21, 2024, at at Valcucine's flagship store in Milan during 2024 and , this exhibition marks a celebration of conceived by Valcucine's founder and designer . It also showcases interpretations by three esteemed international architectural and interior design firms: ARRCC, i29 and Neri&Hu.

This event underscores Valcucine's dedication to merging creative talent, diverse design approaches, technical prowess, innovative technologies, and environmental consciousness.

The diverse scenarios envisioned by this trio of design innovators introduce experiential luxury to the realm of kitchen design. Each setting engages Valcucine's boundless compositional flexibility in conversation with varied architectural styles, cultural influences, and design motifs.

ARRC with Valcucine at Milan Design Week 2024

Rendering: ARRCC

Valcucine partners with the acclaimed South African design studio ARRCC among the three architectural firms for their collaboration in Architectural Scenarios.

ARRCC demonstrates a unique ability to craft intelligent spaces and authentic emotive experiences, credited to their team's deeply personal work ethic, relentless curiosity, inherent intuition, and a relentless obsession with pushing boundaries. Humble yet brutally honest, the studio drives dreams forward as it delivers exclusive interiors that respond to their , context and environment.

In their pursuit of the unexpected, ARRCC showcases novel ways of living that are both delightfully surprising and unmistakably innate.

ARRCC‘s collaboration with Valcucine aimed to create practical kitchen environments seamlessly integrated with luxurious lifestyles.

Their aim was to design high-end functional spaces that not only displayed exceptional craftsmanship, but were also designed for everyday use.

ARRCC skillfully crafted kitchens using Valcucine's versatile luxury finishes and flexible collections, with a focus on the Soft Outline and Forma Mentis capsule collection. The design seamlessly combines exceptional craftsmanship and everyday functionality. Valcucine's meticulous attention to detail harmonizes effortlessly with ARRCC's timeless yet contemporary approach, creating inviting spaces that epitomize extraordinary living.

In harmony with ARRCC's Valcucine design, OKHA Design Studio introduces finally, select furniture pieces that create a blended seating area in the kitchen – a space that exudes both relaxation and sophistication.

Come to discover ARRCC's installation in our showroom in Corso Garibaldi 99! Secure your ticket in advance and bypass the queues!


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Milan Design Week 2024 Valcucine Architectural Scenarios