Kitchen design merges with architecture: Valcucine presents the restyling of New Logica

Valcucine has always stood out for its focus on human well-being through the pursuit of solutions that enhance daily interaction with the kitchen, creating new user experiences through distinctive special elements.

New Logica now returns, restyled and enhanced to meet modern demands with style and functionality.

Among the most innovative and recognisable special elements designed by Gabriele Centazzo, the equipped back panel New Logica is characterised by upper tilting doors and downward sliding doors that open and close smoothly to reveal its full functionality.

kitchen in Maquis Shrubland with New Logica Pewter Stainless Steel hidden balance

Imagine a kitchen experience where every gesture becomes an act of creativity and practicality. The restyled New Logica presents itself as a functional work of , with upper doors that open and close with the grace of a dance and sliding doors that reveal a world of possibilities with a touch.

At the 2024, Valcucine has presented the redesign of this special element.

New Logica has been rethought, identifying three distinct areas – cooking, washing, and preparation – and re-equipped thanks to the introduction of new wooden elements designed by Gabriele Centazzo and new internal accessories in walnut, enriching the functionality of the work areas.


New Logica offers a range of innovations designed to make life in the kitchen more efficient and organised. These include accessories such as dish racks and cup drains optimised to hold four place settings and equipped with a practical water drainage hole. Storage trays, together with preparation kits including cutters, knife holders and rolling pin, offer a complete solution for organising kitchen utensils.

In addition, the system integrates a hydroponic culture for growing vegetables in water, wooden shelves for bottles and larders, rotating containers for condiments and spices, and a modular system with an electrified track for convenient power management.

Architectural integration

Innovation does not stop there, Valcucine looks upwards, literally. With a new cover panel, New Logica is transformed into a vertical work of art, allowing wall units to rise like towers of functionality to the ceiling, taking elegance and efficiency to new heights.

Aware that architectural integration has become fundamental in the design of in the high-end range, the New Logica special element is also enriched by the possibility of vertical development. The introduction of a new cover panel for the characteristic balance makes it possible to design additional wall units above the special element or to reach the entire verticality of the kitchen space up to the ceiling.

In a world where the kitchen is so much more than a place to cook, Valcucine together with the newly restyled New Logica embody the perfect fusion of form and function, elevating the kitchen project to new heights.