Valcucine keeps expanding in China, new kitchens showroom in Ningbo

Valcucine's Asian expansion plan is implemented with a further stage: the opening of a new in Ningbo, one of the most ancient cities in China. The store is located in Yinzhou, a lively district of recent development, within the Deco Deca Center complex, a reference point for design, fashion and luxury.

Ningbo is home to many citizens who have lived and worked in Europe developing a precise awareness towards design with technologically high standards and excellent performance” says Wang Ming, Sales Representative of Ningbo Youmo Furniture. “Our goal is to fully meet their requirements and imagination about fashion, technology and function for ”.

From the left: Li Zhongnan, Dong Panpan, Xu Xiaopeng, Wang Ming and Chen Mingfeng.

The showroom in Ningbo, characterized by an essential design, hosts the company's iconic kitchens in a refined selection that gives an overview of the entire collection.

At the core of the display, you can find Valcucine's distinctive , designed to improve people's daily interactions with their such as New Logica back panel: the upper lift-up doors and the lower, downward-sliding ones open and shut gently to reveal all the accessories of the back panel, a patented element that can be equipped to meet the user's requirements and houses a cooker hood.

kitchens showroom

New Logica has been made even more precious thanks to Vitrum Arte customization, a special technique developed by Valcucine by which designs are created by hand on glass surface using an extraordinary inlay technique.

Creativity, along with a completely manual craftmanship, makes each kitchen a picture, an exclusive and unique project, in a perfect balance between art and design.

kitchens showroom
New Logica door is customized with and reproduces the abstract design L'ospitalità of Tatsunori Kano.

The island is defined by entwined volumes, a continuous interplay of solids and voids and the use of refined materials such as glass, here showed in matte Warm Black nuance, the Carnic Grey marble of the washing area and the Carnic Elm wood of the breakfast bar.

The kitchen island is fitted with Logica Theca H8 equipped back section, a storing element, completely usable which can be organized in absolute freedom and personalized with a wide range of accessories created to suit all needs.

In the new kitchens showroom in Ningbo, Logica Celata is displayed in the D80 Kitchen version. Designed with a special focus on ergonomics, this configuration offers a more open space, greater freedom of movement and a perfect view of the worktop of which the entire surface – although smaller perhaps than that of a large kitchen – can be used.

With the simple gesture of a hand, the door moves upwards to give full access to the work area including a hob, an extractor and a wash area.

The choice of Vitrum Textile finish creates a really evocative space. Light reflection delivers a vivid color to the glass and, if you look at the same surface from different perspectives, you will feel an always mutating effect.

kitchens showroom

The use of Special Elements distinguishes also the Genius Loci composition, here showed with Air Logica, the accessorised back panel with its sliding door and with V-Motion system: the kitchen comes to life thanks to the simple gesture of a hand that simultaneously opens the door, rotates the tap and turns the back panel lights on, changing the colours of the luminous backdrop.

Passionate research into materials flanks technology, as Ming says: “we focused on combining harmoniously timeless materials such as glass, wood, metal, and . A visually high-impact choice which creates a unique and refined environment in pure Valcucine style”.

This is how, the undercounter drawer, distinctive element of the kitchen, is here displayed both in the metal Titanium Bronze slanting version and in visual continuity with the worktop, like in the island where both elements are in Cardoso Stone finish.

kitchens showroom

Among these , we can also find Forma Mentis. The choice of the Angel Skin finish, here displayed in White, provides a soft velvet effect to the surface by making it extremely pleasant to the touch. The slanting worktop, distinctive element of Forma Mentis, has the black aluminium profile and the Tactile Elm undercarriage which matches the boiserie.

The Latus wall unit guarantees a light and noiseless opening: a touch of the hand and the door opens upwards and stays in place for all the time necessary.

kitchens showroom
Latus wall unit is embellished with Gloss Graphic Vitrum Butterfly wing finish.

As well as the showroom space, in the new kitchens showroom in Ningbo, there is also the Accademia Valcucine area, i.e. an instructional space designed to give visitors a chance to gain first-hand experience on how a sustainable kitchen is designed and planned, offering a wide range of finishes in an authentically creative playground that benefits from ongoing technological updates.

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kitchens showroom